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How to Avoid Those Extra Pounds During the Holiday Season

With the year coming to an end and the holiday strikes on the horizon, those of us with our waistline are facing a serious dilemma: how to enjoy the festivities that are coming and still fit in this year's jeans next year. By using strategies ahead of time and then sticking to your plan, you can enjoy celebrating your favorite holiday and still survive the next month or two with minimal damage to your numbers.

To start, control the exercise portion. Instead of serving dinner with candy, try using a plate of dinner or dessert. Help yourself to a small amount of turkey, ham, grilled meat, or whatever, but don't eat vegetables (avoid anything dipped). And cranberry sauce or bowl is not only delicious, it is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants, plus low calories.

Before you wait a moment, wait a moment. The digestive hormone that lets the brain know full stomachs can take up to twenty minutes to communicate. Always relaxing, engaging in conversations, and the desire to continue looking for food will disappear.

As much as possible, try limiting desserts to treat what you enjoy. Remember, only one piece of cheesecake contains almost 1100 calories and 76 grams of fat. And it's a cheesecake. It accounts for more than half the daily allowance of calories for women, and that's just dessert. Your pumpkin slice contains about 320 calories and 17 grams of fat; better, but still very good in small quantities - no whipped cream.

Whenever possible, convert low calorie to traditional. If you cook, you can make delicious delicious potatoes using non-fat and creamy chicken soup. And try to skip the sauce and replace the low sugar cranberry sauce. You will shave about 170 calories and 11g of fat per serving.

Homemade rolls may smell amazing, but they are full of exaggerated carbohydrates. If you can't help it, then eat the roll and remove the potato - if possible, use a fat-free spread instead of boiling it in butter.

For snacking, stick to vegetable crudités (with a greasy brush) or chew on a few peanuts or pretzels. Limit your journey to cheese plates and snacks on cold turkey or lean popcorn. On the plus side, join the furthest conversation from the dining table so you won't be tempted too much. And really, you don't need chocolate donuts with a holiday shower that your co-workers bring to the office.

Although alcoholic beverages - wines, mixed drinks, champagne, or eggnog - are often seen in holiday celebrations and gatherings, it is wise to limit your alcohol use. Not only do you not have to deal with your coworkers after a stressful office, alcohol is full of hidden dangers that can affect your diet.

Alcohol packs a huge amount of calories. Chardonnay's 3.5 oz cup contains about 80 calories, while the 8 oz eggnog cup is between 330-440 calories. A 12-ounce beer will set you at about 200 calories, and most cocktails hover around 125-200 calories.

In addition, drinking increases your appetite and impedes your control, resulting in excessive chewing. If you can stay away from the punch, then good for you. For healthy and festive alternatives, add sparkling water and cranberry juice 1: 1. It's very refreshing, and you will stay hydrated. But if you must indulge, hold a glass or two of red wine; it contains fewer calories than a glass of eggnog or cocktail, and it is full of antioxidants that fight cancer.

Here are some other tricks to help you eat less and maintain calories:

- Drink a large glass of water before a big meal;

- Don't skip breakfast and lunch - you may be eating less at dinner;

- This sounds weird, but it works - brush your teeth after eating. You will lose any temptation to continue the snack.

Holidays can be a stressful time. Between your busy schedules, financial pressures, and social obligations, it's hard to find time to relax. Eating stress can be a major problem during the holidays, and our body's stress hormones promote fat retention.

Try to follow your regular exercise routine, or at least indulge in walking now and then. Get lots of rest and take multivitamins to keep your system balanced and your metabolism running.

Avoiding all the temptations that come with holiday decorations can be scary, but if you maintain your self-discipline, you will retain extra pounds and feel better about yourself as the festivities flow.


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