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How Long Do I Have to Jog to Lose Weight?

How long you go jogging depends on the type of jogging you do. Find the best way to lose fat in this article.

Calories Inside And Calories Exit

You must understand these important rules before jogging. If not, you can go jogging and still gain weight.

To lose weight, you must eat less food than your body will burn. Then your body will turn into fat reserves and you will lose weight.

So if you start jogging then your body will need more fuel and will have to burn more fat. This will happen as long as you eat the same amount as before or less.

Don't do what my friend does. He started to work hard and he also ate more. All of the calories burned more than replaced with the second aid and he didn't lose any weight!

Morning Morning

It's not important but it should be an advantage to jog if you do it in the morning. This is because you don't eat for 10 hours and so your body can only draw fuel by burning fat.

Traditional jogging

If you jog at a steady rate for 30 minutes then your body will burn 300 calories. If you run three times a week and you do not change the amount of food you eat then you will lose about 2 pounds a week.


Intermediate Training is a more effective way of jogging. When you jog at a regular rate like traditional jogging, your body goes into "fat preservation" mode to try and save as much fuel as possible. When you do HIIT, you are mindful of your body and burn more fat.

Jog at your normal pace for 30 seconds then sprint as fast as possible for another 30 seconds. Now go back to jogging and keep changing every 30 seconds between jogging and sprinting.

You only need to do this for 15 minutes instead of 30 and you will burn more fat this way. Maybe you will burn around 50% more fat so you can do two sessions a week to get the same weekly weight loss or you can do more and lose more weight.


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