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Flat Belly Diet Reviews - Pros and Cons of the Flat Belly Diet Book

The Belly Flat Diet is a book that enjoys high levels of popularity. The purpose of this book is to help level your stomach without exercise at all. The whole process needs to be done with proper nutrition. Right now, this book is written by women for women in mind, so I believe this is not a good book for men as they may feel disconnected from it. Women will love it more.

The Flat Belly Diet has good and bad reviews of what popular products are. Of course, some people who complain about it may not follow the plan and are just disappointed in the outcome. So, as it is, there are some imperfect things in this book despite the merits. I want you to know the pros and cons so you can make the best decision for you.

Pregnancy Flat Diet books are good and bad


1. The book is well written, in clear language that is easy to follow.

2. Food does not require you to buy any special foods or supplements in order to afford it.

3. There are many positive testimonies about this book from many women who have used it.

4. You are encouraged to eat a lot of small meals a day instead of eating large ones which is usually better for long term weight loss.


1. As I mentioned before, this is a book especially for women.

2. Flat Belly Diet does not include exercise. Often, long-term fat loss requires regular regular physical activity.

3. Nutrition lasts for 32 days at all and may or may not be enough to complete your abs.

4. On certain days, the diet regulates low calorie intake that may not be appropriate for highly active women.

Overall, despite these shortcomings, you should keep in mind that many women report good results with the Flat Belly Diet so that it works for you.


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