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Fighting Cancer Through a Healthy Diet and Weight Loss Program

Cancer is one of the most common causes of death in Western society. The incidence of cancer varies depending on the type of cancer, but most neoplastic diseases can be detected for a mix of genetic and environmental causes.

Dietary factors certainly play an important role in the onset of tumors. We are what we eat and sometimes, we eat what is bad for us. In this regard, in order to establish the right anti-cancer strategy, we must distinguish two types of strategies that use diet as a way to fight tumors.

Even in our diet there may be foods that promote the onset of cancer or carcinogenic substances. Anticancer diets should minimize and possibly eliminate these substances by choosing the right foods and adopting the right cooking system with the elimination strategies that promote the onset of cancer.

On the contrary, many foods contain substances that protect against cancer and many of them have no definitive study. That is why active prevention strategies for this cancer should be considered only after successfully adopting the strategy and looking at it yourself.

Diet and cancer: eradication strategies

The fact that obesity favors the beginning and development of most cancers is a strong fact: The higher the amount of body fat, the more likely it is to develop cancer. Lower body fat percentage of 12% for men and 20% for women is achieved and maintained without problems by everyone and low probability, in line with their own genetic characteristics.

The second factor to check is the intake of food containing carcinogens. Among the most widespread and harmful are nitrosamine, which is not directly contained in food, but appears in the body after nitrite intake, used as a supplement (E250, E249) in many meats and meat and fish preservatives. To get rid of this diet, it is sufficient to choose nitrite cured meat and other products without nitrite, read labels and select quality manufacturers that do not use them.

Some vegetables such as beet, spinach, carrot, and celery contain large quantities of potassium that can be converted to nitrite under certain conditions: therefore, they must limit the use of these vegetables or rely on plants that have environmental impact. low or better organic farming.

Other carcinogens such as benzopyrene, are contained in foods that are cooked at too high a temperature, especially in grilled meats or otherwise overheated. Use methods such as stewing, boiling, steaming and limiting high-temperature cooking (such as frying and baking to grill) for special occasions, with a maximum of once a week.


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