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Fat Loss Secret Revealed - How to Lose 40lbs in 30 Days

Yes, you can lose 40lbs and keep it away. It can be £ 30 or £ 10 but the bottom line is that it is possible to lose weight in the shorter term you think possible and keep it off. But first, you need to understand the reasons why most people gain weight.


Conventional wisdom is excess weight due to eating too much, eating too much wrong foods, or lack of exercise.

This is undoubtedly a contributing factor, but the main reason for weight gain can be traced to the food and diet industry called western civilization.

Let's think about this for a minute: 25 years or more has seen an increase in the number of people who practice some form of exercise. This is in line with what we have said is a great breakthrough in nutrition science. In short, we exercise more and eat better. So why are we getting fat?

Obesity rates have risen steadily in the western world over the past 25 years and recent studies show that about 40% of Americans can be classified as obese. As other countries have strived to emulate western ideals and increase western consumption, they have seen a steady increase in obesity and greater incidence of diseases such as diabetes and heart problems.

So what's the problem with the food we eat the most? The food we are told is healthy and nutritious. This is not right. The mass-produced foods that make up the western diet are unhealthy or nutritious. It is loaded with chemicals, preservatives, colors and flavors that are never intended for human consumption.

Grains, meats and diary products are loaded with pesticides, hormones and antibiotics When you go grocery shopping, look at the ingredients listed on the bright packaging of food items you buy regularly. I can see your knee petals in turmoil as you try to recognize or speak them mostly. Most of these foods also contain a lot of sugar. But wise manufacturers disguise sugar under names like dextrose or fructose because most people are aware of the benefits of excess sugar.

Artificial sweeteners are often used in place of sugars, and most of them like aspartam, have been shown by some studies to be toxic to the body. The point is that the western diet is loaded with toxins. Because these toxins are often consumed, the body's immune system and organs such as the liver and kidneys are too numerous to handle or expel them.

The body responds to this by making the defense of more fat stores usually gathered around the chest, abdomen, hips, hips, thighs, and buttocks. Toxin loads can also be blamed on the incidence of intolerance and greater food allergy. Liquid / water retention is a common result of food intolerance. Most people tend to be unaware that they have an intolerance to certain foods and cannot understand why they retain a lot of fluid and continue to gain weight.


First, let's take a brief look at what you can't do:

1. Start a strict hunger diet that may not be sustainable

2. Start a meal replacement plan or use a package called low sugar, low fat food products. As I mentioned earlier, some sugars are disguised and those who are very low in sugar or sugar free contain artificial sweeteners that are actually more harmful and contribute more to weight than sugar. They also contain a variety of chemicals, and so, of course, you want to stay clear.

3. Start a training program that will embarrass the Olympic athletes. Exercise has places to help you control your weight, but not the answer to your problems.


1. Address the root problems by eliminating toxins and waste that accumulate in your body. Waste includes harmful plaques and parasites that accumulate in the colon and digestive tract and prevent efficient absorption of nutrients.

2. Change your eating habits. Ditch packaged foods and as much fast food as you can. The mainstay of your diet should be fresh food. It's healthy to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. And of course drinking plenty of water, which by chance, will help eliminate the toxins released by your body. It's important to change your diet because you really want to lose 40 pounds and keep it off. You might want to lose just £ 20 or £ 14, but it's all the same. You want it to go for good. Your body will start functioning more efficiently as various toxins and parasites are expelled. Any excess fluid is lost. Your immune system is getting stronger. Your overall health improves and as your body begins to function optimally, you will be on your way to achieving your healthy natural weight.

3. Training is always helpful. It can be swimming, jogging, running, going to the gym or any other exercise you enjoy. Exercise will help strengthen your heart and lungs. Increase your flexibility, balance and coordination. It strengthens your muscles and improves your metabolism, thereby increasing your body's ability to burn calories and fat more efficiently. You really don't need to exercise. But it will give you the advantage and speed up your progress.


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