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Essential 6 Pack Ab Training Techniques

This abs 6 training technique will make you tear faster. With just a few simple changes to your training and diet, you will start to look warmer. That's easy.

Don't Do The Abs!

Don't work your abs ?! Yes, this will help you get your abs faster.

Look, the hollow abdomen doesn't have much to do with how big your abdominal muscles are. It depends on how little fat you have.

So skip work on your abs and spend most of your time planning your diet. A well-designed diet to cut fat will do more for abs than any amount of crunches or curls.

Get The Right Body Fat Percentage

As I said before, damaging your abs is all about having a low percentage of body fat. That all.

See, when men drop below 10% of body fat, and women drop below 17%, they will start to see their abs. That's the long and the short.

So if you can't see your abs right now - drop the fat! If you are serious about tearing, (1) measure your current body fat percentage and (2) then lose fat and track your progress.

Measure, diet, track yourself, measure, diet, track yourself ... It may seem boring, but it's actually a winning formula.

Lifting Weights

Lifting heavy items. For most of us, this means heavy weights like barbells and dumbbells. Why not? They work!

Barbells and dumbbells will build up your main muscles, which is what you want to do besides add fat. You can cut a lot of fat and you will look 'ripped', but more muscle will make you look more ripped.

Also, weight lifting will work your abs in addition to your great muscle work. Stretching such as barbecue pressure not only works to strengthen your arms and shoulders, but also strengthens your abs and all your supporting muscles.

Therefore, lift big and heavy!

Add Some Cardio

Make some cardio to burn your fat. Not a ton, mind you, but an extra 30 minutes walking a few times a week will really help you. And sprinting is great too.

And even just a few days a week is fine. It's another way to increase the amount of calories you burn.

But ...

Don't carry cardio. It's good to burn some extra calories, but if you burn too many calories, you will lose a lot of muscle and not fat.

You can only lose about 1 to 1.5 pounds of fat a week. Also, about half the weight you lose will be fat, and half will be your precious and hard muscle.

1.5 Pounds of fat per week is good.

Drink Tea, Coffee, and Water

OK, both tea and coffee contain caffeine, which will not only alert you and be active, but also help in mobilizing fatty acids from fatty tissue. That means they will help you lose fat.

Tea, especially green tea, is very good for fat loss as the only reason for its caffeine content. It's very interesting, and you don't have to understand the biochemistry behind how it works - just drink green tea.

So use the 6 pack training technique 6 and you will start ripping - fast! They are not big changes, but together they will accelerate your progress.


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