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Eleven Causes of Nervous System Fight or Flight Syndrome According to Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda the nervous system can come disturbed by:

1. Nervous habits like biting your nails, chewing candy all the time.

2. Emotional depravity especially begins in childhood. Parents yell at their children or talk to them with emotional confusion.

3. Sexually addictive behaviors

4. Take ice drinks especially before meals.

5. Excessive training.

6. Eat fast food especially in the car while driving.

7. Continuous exposure to very cold weather.

8. Prolonged meal times and schedules are uncertain.

9. Sleep too late like 11 am-12pm.

10. Stay indoors and don't get enough natural light or stay in dark places, like Washington State in the United States.

11. Wearing black and other colors all the time.

Here are 11 main reasons the nervous system can be disrupted just in everyday life.

Please note that this list does not include, for example, repeating more than 30 minutes to and from work. Not to mention accidents, financial problems, relationship struggles and more.

Ayurvedic teaches that, as common knowledge tells us, that the nervous system runs the body. That is electricity, as in electricity flowing down the nerve tissue. So we have two things to think about when we want to feel more relaxed and have healthier nerves. One, how quickly electricity flows to nerve tissue and two, how healthy is nerve tissue.

Here are some signs of imbalance in the nervous system, dry skin, lips, joints and constipation. Have you ever had dizziness in recent years as another symptom of the nervous system imbalance.

Do you feel confused, overwhelmed or overwhelmed by anxiety? Another problem is directly related to the immune system's immune system, and not immediately thinking of going to a doctor to complain.

These are just acceptable symptoms that most of us will have to endure before we go to a doctor's appointment.

Here are some serious disorders that can be caused by eleven causes or behaviors: Hernia, emphysema Loss, diarrhea and numbness and general body aches as well as osteoporosis.

What to do? After asking yourself how many of the eleven reasons do I see in my daily life?

First, stop doing the identified behaviors. Second, yoga, meditation, eating on time and sleeping on time are your best self-care measures. These are the words of Ayurvedic teachers from ancient times.

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