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Eating More For Weight Loss

Three good meals every day are standard of eating and are old and many people often skip breakfast or lunch there are many out there who only eat twice a day. Some people actually skip meals with the belief that this will help them lose a few pounds.

This dietary method is not suitable for weight loss and can cause you to feel tired, low energy and even lose weight.

The reason is that it is directly linked to your metabolism which is the furnace your body uses to burn energy all day.

By eating more regularly, like five small servings throughout the day, you will increase your metabolism and maintain it higher, burn more energy and recover more fat each day.

The easiest way to explain it is that your metabolism is like fire. With fire if you let it burn for hours it will burn slowly and then if you put a heavy load of wood on it will sit there and burn, this is what happens if you wait for hours between meals and then eat a big meal. But it's also like fire if you regularly feed a small amount of it, it will keep burning.

This doesn't mean eating junk all day long because more than eating unhealthy foods is never good for you but making the right food choices and eating regularly can put an end to your weight loss efforts.


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