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Eat Like a Champion - Part 1: How to Eat Healthy and Still Enjoy Food

No one in their right mind wants to live like a rabbit. We are constantly bombarded with messages about healthy eating that say we have to survive on naked salads and carrots, or risk losing cholesterol and arterial explosion when our heart explodes out of our chest in a sea of ​​blood and regret.

True, poor eating habits are responsible for worse health than any other factor. But that doesn't mean being good health to your body and soul. Everyone knows someone who is really obsessed with healthy eating, and who can't really enjoy eating except to brag and make others feel bad about their lack of discipline. Well guess what, stress and anxiety may be worse for health than bad eating habits. If you are always entertained for discipline, you will not get the endorphins from the fun and relaxation of your mental and physical health.

The best thing you can do is to avoid extremes. It's unrealistic to deny yourself all the time. I would argue that people who eat salads 3 times a day deny themselves as fuel for their souls. It would be best for them to eat two salads, and a large portion of steak daily. Do you know; we will all die. Some human beings are imperfect. When you try to resist your own human nature by eating perfectly, your mind will eventually fight back and you will do something else reckless or unhealthy.

On the contrary, bringing kids to McDonald's 5 times a week is a terrible idea, no matter how much fun eating a big mac brings you. Consuming toxins, cholesterol, empty carbohydrates, and portions of chicken 5 times a week is another extreme that can only lead to unhealthy and unhealthy health. So the key is proportionality. It's true, you need to eat healthy foods all the time. But don't let yourself stop enjoying food. Sometimes you have to spend big and get some ice cream. Life is stressful in many ways. You can't beat yourself every time you enjoy something you love.

When it comes to food, the best thing you can do is eat really good high quality food. I don't care what any doctor says; There is nothing wrong with eating organic juicy rib eye, once or twice a week. Instead of ice cream, try organic Greek yogurt. If you are going to have a salad, cook some beans in maple syrup and toss them on top. Creativity can allow you to eat something rich and nutritious. The closer your food is to the source, the better. Instead of avoiding fat, avoid processed foods. Grass fed grass has many juicy benefits, with far more cholesterol and more omega oils than its corn-fed counterparts. Wild salmon is a very good source of protein that has a lot of heart healthy fat. If you really want to go nuts, make an ingredient sauce to pour.

When it comes to health, creativity and fun are more important than most health nuts you believe. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'll die 5 years earlier because I don't live in granola and bean sprouts. Of course it is possible that health nuts are right, and pleasure in bad food. But I tend to think that enjoying life leads to healthy thinking, which leads to physical health. If you can serve two nutritional rich foods a day, you are doing better than 90% of people.

Coming in Part 2: Facility Factors.


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