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Do You Really Need Willpower to Lose Weight?

Take a quiz to assess 'power' your requirements:

Answer the following questions honestly and without taking too long to think:

Do you get up early to get a jump on your day at least 6 days a week?

Do you choose healthy snacks for sweets and sweets?

Do you always control what you eat?

Do you go to the gym at least three times a week?

If you answered "Yes" to 4 or more of these questions, then you may be a strong-willed individual. And rationally, you should be able to lose weight, and leave the weight you want without any problems. However, that may not happen even if you come out loud. If not, you probably won't read this article!

If you have more "No" answers than "Yes" answers, then according to the quiz, you may not have a strong desire.

But what if no strong or weak will is important?

Let me train you through a very important concept. It's called Reframing - and just like polishing a picture on your wall, it gives you a sense of what a healthy, beautiful desire is!

Many people talk about desire, in other articles I talk about desire, too. Strength is what most people think is necessary to lose weight, and they expect 'will'. them for 'power' for them to lose the weight they want. But, for a moment, let's look at a new concept ... What if there is no such thing as desire? Now, you might be thinking - 'what is he talking about? Of course desire exists and is needed for weight loss ... '

Consider this:

What if the determination was just a label, the label you put on something you already considered difficult. Likes: I really need to keep eating healthy or exercising. Or, it takes a lot of cravings not to eat sweet and naughty foods that focus on pounds.

You will create a self-fulfilling prophecy! If you say that it takes the will to get the job done, then your mind will go, OK, so it will be difficult !!!! But what about the things you love to do, I mean really like doing ... does it take the strength to do it too?

Many people said to me, 'Elliott, you must have a desire to go to the gym at 6:00 am four to five days a week', and I was thinking to myself, 'determination, hmm ... No. it takes all the strength to get into the gym. I'm sorry. Why not? Because I enjoy it, I really enjoy it ... and I'm sure there are a lot of things you love to do that other people might not like to do either. Therefore, to them, it requires 'determination'.

So what is "Reframing"?

Reframing is a powerful technique used in psychology - let me give you a simple example: Let's say you have a painting hanging on your living room wall. After living with her for many years and it always looks the same, every time you look at it, you see the same thing in the picture. Nothing in the picture has ever changed.

Then one day the picture fell from the wall and the frame was damaged. So you took a picture to the store to recover it. You choose new frames in different colors. You take a picture at home and hang it back on the wall. And you suddenly see things in the picture that you haven't noticed before. You see it through different lenses. You have a new perspective!

Our perceptions, concepts and ideas are important - even beyond their reality! The point of view from which we choose to see the goal of losing weight, or another type, is very important to our success and the resulting happiness. You can achieve the magic by changing your mental state!

So imagine how likely you are to lose weight if you repeat the words 'willpower'?

Imagine two people; let's say one person is "strong" and another is "weak". Right now, the two of them are sitting with a huge serving of food in front of them. You suddenly took it from both of them. Who do you think will get worse?

That's right; strong people will, because they don't like being told what to do, even by themselves! And they certainly don't like to feel uncomfortable. So what if losing weight, eating healthy, and exercising in a balanced workout do not require strength? What if you saw it not as a lack, but as a joyful and fulfilling life experience?

How great is it when you apply the principle of reframing to whatever you choose?

You give your mind control and put yourself back in the driver's seat!

No matter if you think you have the strength or not ...

When you learn to lose weight with Reframing!

Take control now and unlock the endless possibilities ahead of you!


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