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Diets That Work - The Calorie Cycling Exposed

Cycling calorie diets are a revolutionary new diet that can let you lose up to 11 pounds in 10 days. At least that's what the program's supporters demand. Calorie cycling work on the premise prevents your body from believing that you are not on a diet when you actually are. Calorie cycling attempts to get rid of the problem of hitting a plateau are common in most weight loss programs. Calorie cycling is also known as the Zig-Zag diet or calorie shift, which explains basically the same formula that transfers calories from one meal to another so that your body will not detect a drastic decrease in calorie intake.

Basically a calorie-cycling diet works well for anyone making up any age group who want to lose weight in a short time without creating a huge deficit in their diet. You start your diet by reducing calories in one meal and then switching to a higher calorie count for your next meal. Substituting this for every meal will trick your body into thinking that there will be no deficit in food intake at all. By confusing the body, you stimulate the body's natural fat metabolism to burn large amounts of fat which will result in a great weight loss for you. Calorie cycling has been used by bodybuilders since the 1980s to prepare for the upcoming competition. It helps to get people in great shape, lose fat and break down faster than any type of diet.

In a normal calorie deficit diet, the body starts by accepting lower calorie intake and then moving to act accordingly to protect itself. Once the calorie count decreases below the recommended daily calorie intake, the body removes the internal alarm and the body's natural fat burning mechanism tends to slow down to offset the calorie deficit. This is because it assumes that there will be a famine and it is done with the intention of protecting the body from starvation. So the more you reduce your calorie intake, the more your body will respond accordingly and begin to slow down your fat burning ability.

So, initially, with a normal calorie diet, you can enjoy some weight loss but once your body learns to adapt to the new intake deficit by burning less calories, you will experience less and less of your calorie deficit diet. . So even if you are really starving yourself, you will not experience any form of successful weight loss simply because the body has learned to burn less calories to compensate for the deficit.


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