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Dieting Slowly but Surely

You stand in front of a mirror for a week or so after a very stressful holiday or party and you start to notice that you've added a little flap here and there. The two pants used to fit your hips have become difficult to adjust. The shirt that used to be slightly loose now looks a little tighter around the arms and chest. There is a noticeable paunch where the stomach and abdomen are smoothly used. You start to panic and you start thinking about how unattractive you are with your extra luggage. You think about the cost of changing your wardrobe and you're ready to cry.

Then you hear about it on TV and your eyes gain new purpose. You're on a very healthy diet. It promises to lose 10 pounds in two weeks or less. What could be better than that, huh?

Fad Diet: Harmful

Many dietitians fall for the false hope promised by their hyped-up diet strategy. Some start to feel desperate that they become victims of irresponsible individuals. Dieting is not close to cosmetic surgery where changes can be seen quickly. It actually takes time to make it work and stick to it. People should not be easily moved by the simple, simple formula that promises only temporary relief and may cause harm to one's body.

Many fad diets remove muscle mass from fat. Muscles are important in metabolism. But when the diet acts on the muscles, the metabolism slows down and so does the fat burning action that is the direct result of this process. Dieters should not lose their way because they want to find the fastest way.

Diet Fads: Instant and never-ending

A number of dietary approaches suggest a dramatic and drastic reduction in food intake. Right now it works. But time has shown that nutritionists will have a tendency to go back to their old ways of eating more because they have lost too much. It's like a slow death and they can't do it forever because it tests their control and discipline more than they can.

The success of the weight loss program and diet stems from the fact that it is done slowly and methodically. A good nutrition program starts with replacing good food with bad food, then advancing to the right amount of food. The changes need to be gradual and controlled so that nutritionists can continue their normal activities while slowly reaching the size of the cloth they want to reduce. This is an effective way of eating as you will have a better chance of sticking to it eventually. It's something you can adjust to over time.

And because you've adapted to a diet with less of a negative impact on your daily activities, you will have the energy to exercise. People on a diabetic diet generally feel weak and dizzy so they can't do their exercise properly.

If you want to make yourself comfortable and fit, you need to follow regular, effective ways to lose weight instead of having a fast and effective nutrition program.


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