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Creating Tiny Gardens of Weight Loss and Inner Gain

About a month ago, I decided to go on a diet. I've tried a few crazy diet programs before, but never bonded with them, some not for two days. I remember the only time I succeeded in diet was the diet I made for myself. I truly believe it is the only way you can diet. It must be a diet you make for yourself, which you know you can stick to as well. Yes, you should reduce fat and calories, but if you surround yourself with low-fat foods and low-calorie foods of your choice, you will definitely succeed.

Okay, so the other way around cutting food is to exercise. Let's face it; If you have the energy to do that, you don't need to go on a diet in the first place! I believe in vitamins, supplements and homeopathy. So the first thing I did was visit and find the medications that fit my MY and ME diet plans. It only took a few days for the pills and green tea to arrive and I started taking it right away. I eat less, feel better (no more acid reflux) and have a desire to do something. Although I have a bit of routine training that I find online, I really feel like I need to do something. Something that requires energy and sweat AND allows me to achieve something. There is nothing compared to the euphoria of exercising and achieving something when you are on a diet.

I know it's hot this year, but you can always get out early in the morning or midnight and be somewhere else. Or spend a lot of money on big umbrellas and create your own imagination. I have a lot of small projects to do outside, but my favorite is working in my small garden. I plan on making more and smaller ones. Not only do I feel a great sense of accomplishment, but gardening is also therapeutic.

Well for those of you who can't grow something ..... I'm not saying you need to plant one thing !!

Your goal is to move and create; that is, training and achievement, arousal. Then sit in the shade and sip on tea or water and contemplate, enjoy, meditate, and relax. The whole point is that when you feel Good, you will want to feel that way. It will be a habit for you; at least it has for me.

So what kind of park can you create? There is a MILLION idea. Of course, you can create a rock garden, a herb garden, a glass bottle garden, and more. But I have some small, neat and fun ideas.

Have you heard of Fairy Houses? Just do a Google search and browse all the websites. You can also find some ideas on how to build your own. If you have children or grandchildren, this can be a project for both of you. Not only will you achieve your goals (work out and achieve), but you will also spend quality time with someone who loves you. If you don't like looking, I say, you build a fairy tale home with whatever you're looking for (don't pull or cut anything alive, fairies don't like it!). Falling bark from old trees, twigs, rocks, shells, and birds made a great start to a happy little house.

What about the shadow garden? This is the best garden made at the base of the tree with weather-friendly items. First, you need to clear the ground at the base of your tree, removing all the wood, unwanted rocks, and other debris. Then decide on your stuff. You can buy a lot of small garden decorations at your local dollar store, but it's more fun to make your own. Use your imagination. Some red and black paint? Look for some oval or round stones. Paint red and then place black spots, black heads and black antennas for a lovely little Ladybug (spray with clear coat or high gloss enamel). It's a pretty funny idea to pick three stones; two large and one small for the Ladybug family. Set this in your tree. You can make them small homes of all sizes of stone. You can put a potato plant next to it. Basically it paints the door and windows, making it look like family at home. Take a pebble and take the family area, or the whole tree. Again, use your imagination. (By the way, I made some of the bugs mentioned here, but I started with the stone carving, giving it a nice little 3D effect, which is also a good pressure for your fingers. I'll have them in my shop soon (on by the time you read this, they may have been listed!)

Another great garden idea is Planting Yourself! This requires more physical labor than the two above, but it is worth it. You need stones of all sizes, and one big enough for you to caboose. You want to organize the stones in a design that appeals to you. I use a circle; resembling an Indian spirit circle or medical wheel. I placed a large rock in the middle that could be used to stand or sit. I put another four miles inside the circle to represent four directions. I put a very large stone next to the circle; for me to sit. I built a fairytale house next to the circle, and built a large garden across the circle, so I could sit on my boulder and look at the circles, fairy houses and parks. I make and change this all the time. So I have a place to plant my back and just relax and stare. I feel so great because I use this process, but because I enjoy myself, I don't realize it.

I hope I've inspired you to create something. Work a little on your creation every day, or anytime you can. You will do so much for yourself by doing this. You will see how much better you feel in your Mind, Spirit and Body. Enjoy your creations and use them as a place of relaxation, mediation, prayer, and anything else you can think of - that you will enjoy. Since you started your diet, is it to feel better? Earn that goal by doing more than just eating and exercising. You will find that creating small gardens of happiness is easy according to a great homemade diet program. Enjoy!

I know I do.




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