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Control Your Weight Playing Bowls

The bowl has long been seen as a sport only for middle-aged and older people. Playing Bowls can be a great way to relieve your tension and in the process may be your emotions as well. I say maybe your emotions too because Bowling can also boost your emotions especially if you are in tight competition with others or playing team Bowls.

By playing Bowls, you get more workouts than you think because you keep moving and bending around in the game. This activity causes you to lose weight as you burn more calories.

You may have noticed that in recent years the game has become international and is being played by more young people than ever before. We also have a World Champion in Ladies Singles that make up our country and this makes us very proud.

So just by playing the Bowls game, you will get good training for you, lose weight and save money by not having to pay for your diet or join the Fitness Club. Let's take a closer look at how this happened.

As I said, your body loses fat by burning calories. This does not mean that you just have to get out after playing and have a great meal but by walking up and down the bowl and stretching up and down to play you are constantly stretching your limbs and increasing blood flow around your body.

You will find that you build friendships with people and will start to look forward to that particular evening when the Bowl matches take place. Many Blowing Clubs have tea and sandwiches for players even on training nights and often on competition nights.

So overall this is a great sport and the best way to lose weight, make friends, have lots of fun, feel healthier. I hope that by reading this article, some people may decide to give up Bowling and hope you find it helpful.

William Conway


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