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Can You Cheat on Medifast and Still Lose Weight?

I am often asked how much fraud is allowed on Medifast or if you will still lose weight if you cheat. Well, I guess that depends on what you mean by cheating. Because technically, I've been cheating on my diet all the time. However, I think there is a safe, effective way to do this, which I will discuss in the following article.

Understanding How Medifast Really Works: The reason that this diet is so effective is actually threefold. First, you only consume less calories than usual, because of low calorie and carbohydrate foods. Second, you eat six small meals throughout the day that help overcome metabolism and fight hunger. Finally, because you eat less carbohydrates and higher amounts of protein, your body has a metabolic state called ketosis that encourages your body to burn its own fat.

Ketosis is really the promised land of this diet and where you finally want to be. You can test this using the ketone strip - which tells you exactly when you've reached this point. (You can find it at most drugstores or super centers.)

Does Medifast Diet Impact Knock You Out Of Ketosis ?: You will stop losing weight quickly and dramatically if you fall into ketosis. However, the good news is that it only takes a few days. Therefore, there is no need to panic if you see from the ketone strip you are running out. And, you're more likely to get out of this situation if you cheat by eating carbohydrates. You'll be in better shape if you cheat with protein. So, technically, it's better to sneak in a nice juicy burger than to try to sneak a donut or a piece of cake.

The Cheat That I Think Has Actually Helped Me Lose Weight With Medifast: OK, so now I will admit that I do not always stick to things that are designed. But I'm good at it. I add things to my packaged foods several times a day. What I mean by this is that I add fat and sugar syrup to the shake, pudding, and cappuccino. I will also sometimes add fat free liquid cream. I also added fat-free cheese, sour cream, and humus to chili, eggs, and soups / stews. I would also sometimes add soda water to the shake for a fountain-type soda drink. I use dry ingredients for pudding to make "muffins", cakes, and "safe" cookies.

In short, I take a lot of freedom with food, but I try to use fat or sugar ingredients when I do this. It gives me more variety and makes me happier by eating food.

The freedom I gained from eating Lean And Green: Each day, you will eat five meals prepared in this diet and will prepare your own meal. (Some people will skip this diet, but you don't have to because I believe doing this will slow down your metabolism. I've experimented with this and almost always delayed my decision.) You should be eating lean protein and low glycemic vegetables for the most part, I hold on to this. But, if my family had cut the steak, I would sometimes not make chicken breast just for myself. Or, if my family had sweet green beans, I wouldn't deny myself that this is high on the glycemic index. And, occasionally, I don't deny myself a burger if I bake bread.

I think if I eat enough "lean and mostly green," I'm doing good. And even with a little slip, I still take FAR less calories and carbs than usual. And, if my weight is any indication, I'm doing well.


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