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Can Perfume Affect Your Weight?

The struggle with weight loss is a problem for everyone I know. We always hear about the latest diets, and we always see new products on the shelves that promise to make us thin. But did you know that the perfume you use can also be used as an aid in your weight loss program? Many people find that certain aromas make them crave food, while others help them crave their cravings. Read on to find out which perfumes have helped to lose weight, and others that have helped them to lose pounds.

Smells definitely play an important role in the food we want. Certain aromas can help you lose weight, while others can improve your appetite. Perfumes, and fragrances in spicy families tend to increase your appetite and crave certain foods, especially carbohydrates. Gradually, Citrus and Green fragrances have been known to reduce appetite and help to lose weight. Perfume fragrance has also been known to greatly relieve appetite.

Spicy and musky scents are warm and cozy. Spicy oils, in particular, consist of cinnamon, ginger, clove and pepper. Many of them smell like cinnamon rolls and cakes. Some of the most popular spice fragrances are Estee Lauder Cinnabar and Chanel Coco. Even if they smell good, wearing them may make you want to go to the nearest bakery.

If you want to lose weight, use a perfume that is in the Citrus or Green category, or vanilla. Citrus fragrance is refreshing, vibrant and vibrant. Lemon scent in particular has been used for centuries to help with depression and energy shortages. Spray lime scented oils, such as CK One Summer or Clinique Happy, for example, before you go to the gym, and you'll be canceled for hours. The fact that they smell so much summer will remind you of your diet and how you wish you would look when summer comes.

Green perfume can also help boost your energy and keep you active. Green perfumes, like Chanel No. 19 or the Escada Sport Country Weekend, makes you think about doing something fun and active outdoors, like going for hikes or mountain climbing. Wearing these fragrances can help inspire you to eat healthier and be more active.

Vanilla perfume, while it may sound like they might be craving it, is actually known to do the opposite. Vanilla scent is often used as an anti-depressant and can help you feel happy and relaxed. Fragrant vanilla can help you overcome your craving for sweet foods. A study involving vanilla scent patches led people to apply patches to reduce their sweetness.


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