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Beta Glucan Maybe One Of The Most Powerful Immunity Enhancer Known To Science

Glucan Beta is a natural ingredient found in yeast bacteria, wheat, barley, and some mushrooms. It is FDA-approved and is rated GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). Beta glucan is usually taken on an empty stomach.

To be effective, beta glucan must be processed first, as it is not easy to use in natural conditions. In addition, it must contain "proper levels of glucan purity and 1,3-D / 1.6 molecular relationships.1"

Health Benefits

There are numerous studies that have documented the health benefits of beta glucan. "In fact beta beta glucan is probably the most potent immune enhancer known to science."

Glucan Beta can improve the immune system, as well as lower cholesterol and triglycerides. In addition, beta glucan can also fight infections, improve intestinal flora, and help with bowel syndrome, diabetes, ulcers, digestion, tumors and cancer growth.


"In Japan, extracts containing various types of Beta glycans have been used to successfully treat cancer patients for the last 20 years."

Beta glucan has anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. A study at Mayo Clinic, Tokyo University, and Wuhan University revealed the anti-cancer activity of beta glucan in cancer mice. Also, a study done with patients with gastric cancer found that taking beta glucan made from shiitake mushrooms actually prolonged their life.


Beta glucan is also found to lower cholesterol, especially derived from wheat bran and barley. "Beta glucan is a safe, effective, powerful, proven and inexpensive way to lower your cholesterol levels, but most people never hear it.4"

A study was conducted at Syracuse University in New York where seventy-one men and women with high cholesterol were given beta glucan. Bad cholesterol levels dropped by 17%, while good cholesterol levels increased. The best result is having a low-fat diet while taking beta glucan supplementation.

Effects of Glucan Beta

Each of us is different, and so is our immune system. The efficacy of beta glucan does not depend on higher milligrams content, but rather, on the immune system's response to beta glucan.

In addition, the effectiveness of beta glucan also depends on its source, manufacturing process, size, and the uniformity of the beta glucan particles used.

Choose the Glucan Beta Supplement

So now we know that beta glucan is definitely good for the body. But how do we choose the right supplement with many brands in the market? Well, we can do this by simply checking the "report card" of the supplement, either by calling and asking the company questions about their product, or by looking at how much their product believes in the past they have a money back guarantee or not.


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