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Belly Button Piercing Technology

Stretching the Button Button is a central puncture for body jewelry.


· This type of piercing is easy to conceal under the fabric and that is why it is very popular among teens. Also, this type of piercing is great for those with tight dress code in the office (appearance and especially fabric requirements).

· Rejection is relatively rare despite intersections

· Changing piercing jewelry is no more difficult than piercing your ears


· After an accidental shaking, during the healing period, the wound develops immediately.

· Severe infections and blood infections are possible

· It is a myth that infection transmits to the heart

Belly Button Jewelry

There are rings and bars and are used as a type of jewelry to pierce the body. Usually, after piercing, a bar is placed, which you should use until the end of the healing period.

There are a number of special bars created for piercing the belly button, called the banana bar (it got this name because of its bent shape)

The following body jewelry is also popular: simple bent bar, ball bearing ring, bar with pendant and more.

It is not recommended to use piercing jewelry, which is made from surgical steel. Only 15% piercing with this type of body jewelry ends up in trouble.

Changing your navel jewelry is no harder than turning it on your ear.

The main type

There are the following types of push button buttons:

· Standard - the push of the belly button is held vertically. The main condition is that the upper ball should be about half a millimeter above the piercing to avoid pressing the belly button.

· The middle belly button push consists of several piercings. It can't be done all at once; otherwise, the piercing will prevent each other from healing.

Each of the following piercings can be done only after the previous full healing.


The main thing about navel piercing is the distance between the navel piercing jewelry that is inserted and the surface of the skin. However, if it is too close to the surface of the skin then new skin will form under the belly button ornamentation and the old skin will be removed and will reject the body. However, if the stab is too deep and the needle gets fat tissue then the stab will be too long but will not close. You need to cure it in that case.

If you don't like the piercing you just got, you can get one immediately without any harm. Certain piercings don't hurt. The healing period of the penetration ends within 1-6 months.


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