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Battle of the Bulge

We have all heard of holiday bonuses. It's the time of Thanksgiving and New Year's Day when people are so busy with festivals, gift shopping, and parties that they inevitably lose weight. But is it really inevitable, or is it just another excuse? The health club likes the month after that year. The general population is soft and fat and disgusted with the way they look and they want to cure magic so they buy weight loss pills and sign up at a local gym and start exercising to burn everyone extra pounds. Unfortunately most people never reach their goals and all they accomplish is to exacerbate most of the damage created during the holidays. As the years went by they grew bigger and bigger and finally stopped completely claiming "I can't lose weight" or "it didn't work for me." What drives us to failure like society?

Let's face it, as our population gets bigger and bigger all the time and what's worse is that it even happens to our children. As a result diabetes and other health problems related to obesity are on the rise. Our already overvalued healthcare system is used to address health problems. People are calling for better medicine and better health care but problems or solutions do not exist in our healthcare system, but rather in each of us. Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone took full responsibility for their own health? There will be no healthcare crisis. The cost of emergency care will drop dramatically as there will be no more waste. We will be more productive as a society. Depression cases are almost gone. The pharmaceutical industry will be less powerful and influential. People will feel better, look better, and live better.

To achieve this goal, it is up to each person to accept the challenge and be an example to our family. Have you ever noticed that most kids eat the way their parents eat? As parents, it is important that we lead by example for our children and give them the opportunity to enter adulthood with better health rather than relying on drugs and energy shortages to address the important tasks they need. Childhood should be a wonderful life. It saddens me to see children suffering from self-image or lack of self-esteem because of their uncontrolled eating. Others require regular doctor visits and daily doses of medication to control diabetes, hyper activity, allergies or other disorders. Our children are our future. Give them the best.

I have often heard people promise that they will start eating healthy and exercising but they will set the conditions for it. For example, a man might say, "I'll start working as soon as I'm done with the garage". A woman might say, "I'll go to the gym and get my body back when my kids start preschool." The fact of the matter is that they are not committed and there will always be another reason to get what's really important. If you only dedicate half an hour to three days a week for moderate and high intensity workouts, you will begin to notice remarkable changes. If you make small changes to your daily eating habits, you will find yourself eating in different ways and tastes and looks better. The marathon runs one step at a time. Take the right steps in the marathon of life and you will change your life.


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