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Avoiding Candidiasis - 3 Proven Ways to Avoid Yeast Infection

Candidiasis or yeast infection is the most embarrassing and annoying problem for women. It is caused by fungal Candida, a microorganism that occurs in the human body. Fungus is harmless when stored in controlled quantities. But the rapid growth of fungi triggers infection. Common symptoms include vaginal itching, irritation, inflammation and vaginal discharge that looks like cottage cheese. Preventing Candidiasis is important to protect yourself from the embarrassment and discomfort of infection.

The following tips can be very helpful in preventing Candidiasis.

One way to prevent Candidiasis is to pay attention to the type of clothing you are wearing. Wear clothing that allows for circulation in the vagina. Warm and humid environment is good for fungal growth which causes Candida infection. Avoid wearing clothing made from synthetic materials that block the flow of air that causes sweating in the vagina. Use clothing made from cotton to prevent sweating and allow the vagina to breathe. Wearing tight jeans and panties can also cause sweat and rapid growth of yeast.

In preventing Candidiasis, vaginal hygiene is important. After bowel movement, it is best to remove it from the back to prevent the transfer of yeast from the anal to the vagina. After exercise, immediately change clothes and underwear to keep vaginal area clean and dry. The same thing should be done after swimming. Always remember that yeast thrives in a humid and warm environment. To prevent yeast infections, keep the vagina clean and dry.

Avoid harmful chemicals in the vagina. Avoid using fragrant vagina products and equipment to prevent vaginal irritation and allergies that can lead to infection. Avoid douching as vaginal douches may also contain antiseptic chemicals that kill good bacteria and can interfere with normal pH of the vagina. The use of petroleum-based lubricants during love can also trigger Candida's rapid growth. To avoid suffering from Candida infections, make sure the harmful chemicals are far from your vagina.

In preventing candidiasis, it is important to stop the growth of Candida mushrooms. Following the tips mentioned above can save you the pain and embarrassment of Candida infection.


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