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Atkins And Ketosis

The main concept of the Atkins diet plan is that ketosis can help burn fat for energy. Many people, even those who follow a low carb diet program, do not really understand ketosis or exactly why it works.

Most diets are generally calorie reduction programs. They help you lose weight. However, some of the weight loss will come from body fat and then some of it will come from lean body mass. Although you may lose weight at scale, your metabolic function slows down. The more muscle tissue you remove the slower the metabolic process will become. This will make you lose weight and gain more pounds.

The Atkins diet plan, however, is carbohydrate. It causes ketosis in your body that burns body fat instead of muscle. Your main source of energy will be body fat as ketones. The liver converts body fat into ketones but it cannot be changed again. It will be removed from your body in a natural way.

Ketones are actually a natural and effective source of energy for the body. It is made in the liver from essential fatty acids that come from fat loss. They appear when there is no glucose or sugar in the body to provide energy. In the Atkins diet, you reduce your blood glucose and glucose levels. Therefore, the body produces ketones for energy. When the body produces ketones, it is known as ketosis.

There are also widespread false positives that using a ketogenic diet plan like Atkins is dangerous. The fact is that ketosis is a completely normal condition. The body produces ketones for energy use when glucose is not available.

In the Atkins weight loss program, Dr. Atkins recommends using the ketone-testing strip to find out your ketosis while losing weight. Small plastic strips are placed in the urine stream and include unique chemically treated absorption pads. The pad changes color when the ketone is present in the urine. In front of the ketone, the strips change in color from baby pink to purple. There is also a color scale on the label of the container that will help you determine the concentration of your ketones.

The ketone line is available at almost any local pharmacy and is available with diabetes products. In some places, this is stored behind the cashier which means you may need to request this. You will not need a prescription to buy this. When you open a batch of ketone strips, they have a shelf life of six months. It may be useful to pay attention to the opening date on the package.

The ketone line will tell you if you've moved correctly on the Atkins diet plan. When you stick to the 100% Induction plan but don't see purple don't worry. Many people have never shown a small ketone level or may show slightly above the minimum. As long as you lose weight and lose inches then you use ketones effectively. Also, if you've just worked a few hours before using the strip, you may not see purple.

Some people mistakenly think that dark purple results on the test strip indicate that they slim down faster. Dark purple skies are indicators of fluid deficiency. This means that the urine is very concentrated and you need to drink more water.

Ketones are derived from fat in the blood, either the fat you eat or the body fat you burn. If you take foods that are a bit heavy in fat and immediately use test strips, well, then you will see dark purple results. Use the path for help. However, do not become obsessed with shadows.

Reaching the state of ketosis will be essential to good decisions on the Atkins diet plan. It's as easy as removing carbohydrates from your diet plan. Follow the diet correctly and use the ketone test strip as needed.


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