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Anti-Candida Diets - Do They Really Work?

Does the anti-Candida diet really work? You know that typical anti-yeast treatments often fail to prevent recurrent yeast infections, but can a rigid anti-Candida diet really solve this problem? How difficult was it to maintain and maintain a strict diet throughout your life? Is there a better way?

Why Anti-Candida Food works

Yes, yeast infections are usually associated with Candida albicans (or C. albicans), but the simple presence of bacteria in the body is not a problem. In fact, bacteria is present in almost all humans. Symptoms only occur when the C. albicans population is large. This bacterial "bloom" is an anti-Candida diet trying to prevent.

Like any living thing, C. albicans needs a special environment to thrive. By reducing food intake that promotes Candida growth, and by increasing food intake that promotes competitive but beneficial bacterial growth such as L. acidophilus, the anti-Candid diet seeks to change the internal environment of the body making it resistant to C. albicans bacteria.

Why Anti-Candida Diet Fail

Since the basic concepts behind nutrition are correct, the anti-Candida diet works, but they can be very difficult to implement, and very difficult to maintain. If you are not fully exercising your diet (e.g., Avoid it all of Candida-friendly foods and eating That's enough from suppressing Candida foods), then the diet may not provide the relief you seek. As a result, you end up struggling to maintain a strict diet that doesn't provide all the benefits.

The second problem arises that most anti-Candida diets do not go far enough in their efforts to change the body's environment. As a result, temporary delays in the diet can lead to new blooms and thus symptoms. This is similar to the yo-yo effect of many balanced weight loss diets. Yes, some of these "fad" diets can help you lose weight, but fail to help maintain long-term weight loss because they are too restrictive. You need a more balanced approach and easier to maintain.

There is a Better Solution

I believe there is a better solution. If you are experiencing symptoms of yeast infection then you need immediate reduction in C. albicans population, but you need to achieve a reduction in a way that does not aggravate the imbalance in your body that allows it to bloom.

You then need a way to rebuild your body's internal balance that is not difficult to maintain, not difficult to maintain, and does not make you vulnerable to "recovery" that affects every time you experience temporary discipline.


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