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An Appreciation of Heinrich Lahman, First Scientific Nature Doctor

Natural healthcare has deep roots in human history and lacks the name Alternative medicine until allopathic physicians gained power through politics in the 18th and 19th centuries. The ability to co-exist in cohesive clans to gain power is a legend in human history. Natural doctors have split up into small political powers as they are today.

The first trained medical doctor to honor both the natural and the medical doctor was Heinrich Lahmann (1860-1905). Lehmann became a medical doctor but was dissatisfied with the theory and results of scientific medicine. He then began to study the literature of natural healing. He has published articles on nutrition and vegetarian diet. Lahman created milk from a plant popular in Europe imported to America by Benedict Lust who claimed that Lahman milk mixed with cow's milk was like nutritious milk. He also produces products to help make food easier to digest including chocolate.

Lahman's scientific thinking brings systematic thinking to the realm of natural healing. He established a sanitorium in a village near Dresden. Lehman has a magnetic personality through lectures on natural healing soon to have a profitable business. His healing methods include

o Salt-nutrients

o Homeopathic Biochemistry Cells Dr. Schussler.

o Bathroom

or Air Huts

o Raw food

Lehman established a biochemical laboratory on site to investigate metabolism and nutrition. The sanitarium was quite successful. In 1900 2,000 patients were treated, then in 1904 before Lahman died 3,500. Business continued to grow and by 1913, 7,500 were treated. By 1928, a staff of 350 was needed to care for the patients.

Lehman was given a weak constitution. Hard work and serious influenza led to his death at age 45. He left behind the wealth he gave to humanitarian and philanthropic organizations. His ability to grow businesses of this size and success is to be appreciated.


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