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Always Freezing? The Number 1 Reason Why Your Body, Hands & Feet Just Can't Warm Up!

Do you feel like your hands, feet or just your whole body are frozen? If so then today I will explain 2 main reasons for this and what you can do today to start warming up for good. Most importantly if you do not address both of these concerns then chances are you'll always feel like you're freezing!

2 Top Reasons to Feel Cold

# 1 - Hypo-Thyroidism: This condition affects 60% of women and most are unaware of it. Worst of all the medical industry has a habit of often misdiagnosing this syndrome. In general this term basically has a slow thyroid and does not function normally. Thyroid regulates many of the functions of the hormone and the body including the most important metabolism that affects both your body temperature and fat burning rate. To help balance the weak thyroid to increase iodine intake, the easiest way to do this is to start eating seaweed such as dulse and wakame.

# 2 - Candida: Everybody has yeast in their body, Candida is one of them, but as much as 80% of the yeast population is too much. The big reason for Candida being overgrown is because of its anti-biotic use, though once is enough to cause the yeast to grow quickly. When the yeast is excess it also mutates into an aggressive form of fungus that will cause damage to the body in many ways. It causes symptoms of respiratory problems, weak circulation and cold hands / feet, digestive problems such as IBS & bloating, depression and anxiety are also directly related. In fact, various symptoms are a list of over 100!

I would suggest immediately ordering an online Candida questionnaire or test to rule out the possibility of Candida causing your lower body temperature. This is why even if you have hypo-thyroidism there is a great chance that Candida is responsible and it is also necessary to eliminate Candida supplementation and root causes to correct your thyroid problem. 9 out of 10 people saw an incredible improvement in their overall health when they started Candida cleansing and diet routines.


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