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Agoraphobia - How Do I Get Rid of the Thoughts That Cause Panic?

"How can I get rid of thoughts that cause panic?"

If you have agoraphobia, this is a good question to ask because the question itself contains key insights - it is our thoughts that cause us panic and fear.

Panic disorder and agoraphobia are not mental illnesses or organic brain diseases that just happen to you. Panic and agoraphobia develop in large measure as a result of our own negative and irrational thoughts, which is good news because we can learn to control the way we think.

Most of all getting agoraphobia replaces your bad mind, but unlike replacing your bad knee, no doctor can do this for you. It's up to you to replace your own thoughts.

The first step in overcoming the panic-inducing thoughts that come with you is to recognize them. Many of us have negative and irrational thoughts that go through our heads a lot of the time, but the problem is, we just don't realize it. This mindset is like a constant radio wave, but we can't hear it unless we adjust it to the right frequency.

A great way to adjust your mindset is to record it in a journal on a regular basis - writing down any negative or irrational thoughts as one to two line statements.

After your thought journal, the next step is to write positive statements that balance each negative and irrational thought.

And once you do this, you need to practice this statement of positive thinking that often replaces and eliminates the thoughts that cause panic.

I used to write five or ten of my positive thoughts on a 3x5 card and bring them with me. I would say each, either loudly or in my head ten times - at least ten times during the day. That means I practice every positive thought at least 100 times daily.

When it comes to replacing your panic-stricken thoughts, just trying to think positively in general is not enough. He needs to replace certain negative thoughts with certain positive statements to overcome them. And he needs to repeat these statements, over and over, every day.

But in the end, practicing positive thinking will be like taking an emotional vitamin that will restore your mind, and help you stop panic attacks.

You will never eat snacks and have a healthy body will be exactly what you think. When you replace negative and irrational thoughts with something healthier, it can really change your life. I know it's me.


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