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5 Ways to Stay Fit This Christmas

1. Get Real

Once Christmas Eve forgets to lose weight LOSING for the next few weeks and focus on eating quality time with your family and friends. Give the numbers on the bar or the numbers on the scale you need a mental break as well as the physical break from all the heavy ball crushing efforts. Get as many short exercises as you can during the 12 days of Christmas and return to the track on January 5.

2. Financial neutrality

Most of our pockets have been hit hard by the economy this year so be sure to create a holiday shopping budget that you can afford. Set aside the amount in CASH for each person on your wishlist and get a reward based on your allowed budget, not vice versa. Don't miss out on raising high credit card bills in 2010.

3. Size Does It Matter

If you hit the belly button for the next holiday party, use a smaller opening plate so you can fill your plate and not feel bad about coming back for a few seconds as it will only match the calorie equivalent of one meal.

4. Don't Pringle.

It's hard to have a good conversation with some potato chips, so focus on the celebration, not the food. Enjoy good conversation and get old friends you haven't seen in years - you'll spend less time eating and more time enjoying yourself.

5. Winter Training

If you're lucky enough to have a white Christmas on your neck out of the woods to put it to good use, everything is just louder in the snow. Even walking for a few feet of snow makes you cringe and wander which means you burn more calories! Get outdoors with your family on vacation for some sliding, skiing or skating, all of which are great winter workouts.


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