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5 Ways to Faster Fat Loss

1. Break Records

Push for progress instead of perfection and challenge yourself by rejecting one additional rep or partner every week of your training. Use the smallest plate you have, (usually £ 2.5) to continue stimulating fat burning muscles.

2. Fun Food

Experiment with different fruits or vegetables each week by eating rainbow colors. Find your family and try different recipes, some you will like, and some you will not. Keep the food fun by trying new recipes with foods you've never tried before because no one is getting fat by eating more fruits and vegetables.

3. Faster not anymore

Increase the INTENSITY in your fat burning cardio interval ... not the duration. Don't just record your weight training. Record your cardio intensity and try to beat it every week. If you run at level 7, shoot this week for the next 7.1 weeks.

4. Failure of your Refrigerator Evidence

Make healthy foods "Fail to Prove" by choosing just the groceries you need each week. If you don't have garbage in your home, you probably won't eat garbage. Then before you put in your food, cut your vegetables and put them in a Ziploc container or bag to make food preparation quick and easy.

5. Step Away From Scale

Don't worry about numbers by weighing or measuring yourself every day. I recommend going on a weekly basis once a week as it is normal for your weight to fluctuate up to £ 5 during the day due to fluid intake and food. These 5 tips may seem small, but they make a HUGE difference!

Stay focused and cross each day on your calendar and ask yourself before going to bed every night.

"Do I do everything I need to do today to get closer to my fitness goals?" Come on, hope you have plenty!


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