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4 Basic Steps Before Make-Up

Preparation Before Make-Up

Regardless of skin color or texture or type, it will always benefit from a good cleaning routine. No kind of makeup can start until the skin has been thoroughly cleansed.

The skin continues to shed dead cells. Minutes of dust particles, natural secretions of sebaceous glands and sweat, make-up stains, all of which help to block pores, make black heads and spots, give a muddy appearance. Proper cleaning will remove litter and oil, the skin will start to look healthier and function easier.

Any movement on the skin must be gentle and controlled. Weight control will stretch the skin, cause broken capillaries and further stimulate the sebum gland. It will ruin the texture and also be uncomfortable for you.

4 Basic Steps Before Make-Up

Cleaning - Allows you to have a 'neutral' base. to start your work.

Exfoliation - A very gentle moisturizer will help repair dull skin and exposes smooth, supple skin underneath.

Toning - Helps relieve and soothe irritation; cools and refreshes the skin.

Sealers / Cream Base - Apply before foundation as a barrier between natural skin problems (perfume, simplicity) and make-up. In addition to creating a smoother finish, this setup protects and enhances basic durability.

Your skin condition is a sign of your overall health. It exposes stress, poor diet and lack of sleep. Taking care of your health will benefit your skin.

Here are some skin care quizzes for you. After doing the skin, you will probably know what your skin type is. So take a few minutes to complete this quiz to find out what kind of skin you have. Enjoy!

Skin Care Quiz

1. How would you feel if you cleaned it by washing your face and water?

a) Tight, seems too small for your face

b) Smooth and comfortable

c) Dry and itchy in its place

d) Good - quite comfortable

e) Dry in some areas and smooth in other places

2. How will your skin feel if you clean it with a cream cleanser?

a) Relatively comfortable

b) Smooth and comfortable

c) Sometimes comfortable, sometimes itchy

d) Quite greasy

e) Oily in some areas and smooth in others

3. How does your skin look at noon?

a) Flaky patches appear

b) Fresh and clean

c) Flaky patches and some redness

d) Shiny

e) Shiny in T zone

4. How often do you go out on the spot?

a) Almost never

b) Sometimes, maybe before preserving your period

c) Sometimes

d) Frequently

e) Often - in the T zone

5. How does your skin react when you apply face toner?

a) It stings

b) No problem

c) Stings and itching

d) Think fresher

e) Refresh in some areas but sting in others

6. How does your skin respond to rich night cream?

a) It feels very comfortable

b) comfortable

c) Sometimes it feels good, other times it gets annoying

d) Make my skin feel greasy

e) Oily in T-zone, and comfortable in the neck


Now add your answer. Your skin type is the one that has the majority of the answers.

Mostly: Your skin is dry

Most b: Your skin is NORMAL

Most c: Your skin is SENSITIVE

Most's: Your skin is OILY

Mostly: Your skin is a GROUP

Now you need to know what your skin type is. Remember to read my articles more often as I will be posting more information on skin care and makeup!


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