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3 Steps to Lose Cellulite Without Cardio

If you have wasted time and money on fraudulent cellulite solutions, you'll be happy - and sad - to hear what I have to say. The truth is that the solution to your cellulite problem is right in front of your face all the time.

And yes, it's a classic 3-step system of proper diet, proper exercise, and social support. There is nothing fancy, nothing expensive, and nothing magical about this. Do you expect me to promote a magic weed harvested off the coast of the Canary Islands only between November and December when the month is full? Well, if that's the case, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Instead, you will find that women may lose cellulite in the 40's. It's 50's. It's 60's. s, although most women have given up on beating cellulite curse.

Long Cardio Exercises DO NOT Solve Cellulite Problems -
Most women rely on long and slow cardio exercises, but in all my years as a coach, I've never seen better jogging. In fact, most female joggers still suffer from back and thigh problems just like jogging. And sometimes it's even worse (plus, they see it, too, with all the thighs rubbing during long, slow cardio exercises).

Instead, women need to focus on interval training to lose cellulite from their thighs and resistance training to ease their tension. That's exactly what one of my clients, an English woman named Serena, does by switching to three short but intensive exercises each week. He started the 20 minute workout with the whole body resistance training and finished with the 20 minute workout.

Serena found this exercise to be more effective in losing cellulite than old cardio exercises. Australian researchers have also found that interval training is more effective in burning abdominal fat in women too, although interval training only lasts part time. Interval training is the most important step in solving your cellulite problem.

The Perfect Training Plan to Say Goodbye to Cellulite -
Each exercise starts with a circuit typically consisting of weight squats, push-ups (kneeling if necessary), broken squats, and upper back mobility exercises called "Stick-ups" (to help fight the bad posture many computer workers exhibit all day ).

After warming up, Serena performs strength training supersets, such as dumbbell step-ups combined with crush pushups, or abdominal exercises paired with lower body exercises with critically titled, "squats split squats". This is a single leg workout that is more advanced than the steps, but it will do wonders to lift a woman's buttocks at least an inch, if not two!

Most women are unaware of it, but resistance training is the second most important step in solving cellulite problems. Fortunately, there are many weight loss exercises that you can do at home with little equipment.

Finally, exercise is done with abdominal fat burning interval training. This exercise is simple, and can be done on a cardio machine or outside, or even using weight training. Short heating leads to six intervals of 60 seconds followed by 90 seconds of recovery.

That is, no marathon cardio session is required. Instead, cellulite solution training is focused on short-term, break-even activities. But none of this would have been possible without her husband's support.

The Secret Steps to Break Up Cellulite -
Most women are unaware of this, but social support is one of the most important factors in the success of a fat loss program. If you don't have someone who motivates you, encourages you, and holds you responsible, even if all the magic in the world can't cure your cellulite, because at the end of the day, you still have to do the work. Research suggests that you also need to start a new circle of friends to break down your fat loss and get the right social support to succeed.

With a diet of 1600 calories a day, natural foods and loving social support for her husband, Serena was able to lose more than 21 pounds in 12 weeks and reduce her body fat by 7.7% to a low of 16.9%. She lost 2 inches from her thighs and more than 3.5 inches from her hip. It literally looks as if someone is raising her buttocks two inches and removing all the fat from her lower back.

Solve cellulite problems with this easy 3-step solution! By removing her cellulite and raising her ass, Serena not only transformed her body but transformed herself inside and out. She now has the power over food, rather than power over it, and she has the best body at the age of 44, where most women just give up or continue relying on cellulite scams to make overnight changes in their bodies.


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