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3 Simple Steps to Building Maximum Muscle

1. Refresh

Weight is not good when you look down at the bathroom scale, but lifting heavy weights on the other hand is good. You can find many reasons to practice using a variety of different reps in your training but most experts will agree that using representatives within 4-6 pull-ups of fast-moving muscle fibers has the greatest potential for growth.

Training hard and hard ...

2. Cigarettes

Your body is most effective in processing nutrients directly after your workout. Carbohydrates will be soaked for added energy. Protein will be used to repair and rebuild muscle tissue. Healthy fats can be broken down to fight inflammation and support hormone production. Vitamins and minerals need to be replaced for hydration and to aid in basic metabolic function. Don't worry if you don't take micro-coated whey hydrolyzate nitro oxide filtered within 4 milliseconds after your workout.

Eating after your workout ...

3. Refund

There is a reason we cannot see in the darkness. It's because we need to sleep! Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Your body releases most of its brain to release melatonin and growth hormone during sleep which helps regulate your circadian rhythm and revitalize your metabolism to burn fat and build muscle day and night. Remember that the early hours of the morning are also a great time for Testosterone production which is your body's main thermostat for arm muscle growth.

Go to sleep...

That all? That's right. That's easy.

Let science be for the guy in the lab coat and lift you up ...


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