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3 Forgotten and Obscure Muscle Building Exercises

We all have our favorite exercises, and for most of us, they tend to be the same. On the chest day at the gym, when you need to make a reservation in advance to get your work on the bench, or crossover machine, almost everyone does all the exercises that are popular for any particular body part.

Don't get locked in the same old training time and time again. Here are some unclear moves that any serious coach should know.

Some are just variations of the tried and true exercise, while others are completely unique. I will continue by continuing with you by body part.

Chest: Low cable discs are great for use in lower chest development. Instead of setting the handle on the top of the machine, hook it to the bottom pull. Leaning slightly, bring the handle in an arc motion that sweeps directly in front of the lower chest. Done correctly you will feel this burning your little pec.

Back: Shrug training is a really unique exercise that you have never encountered in a gym before. To do this exercise, place it under the bench. Take 2 dumbbells from the floor. Now, instead of the usual shoulder lifting movements, move your shoulder blades together and hold on for a period of 3 to 4 seconds. The effect is incredible pumps and great fatigue on the lats.

Trap: The Armpit Line is a great exercise to solve problems with any kind of shoulder blade for a great trap burn. After doing a set of shrugs take a pair of dumbbells that are about a quarter of the weight heavier than you lift your shoulders. Now, pull each straight up, trying to fit it into your armpit. Armpit lines are higher than vertical barbell rows because they put your hand in a stronger pull.

Give these 3 exercises a try over the next few weeks at the gym and see if you find any new favorite exercises to improve your weapons. They may not be obvious but they are all proven muscle builders. So have fun with them.


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