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Liquid Diets For Weight Loss

Although detoxifying or purifying a liquid diet comes under the name "fad" and is not advisable, a pure liquid diet is out there. They are recommended if you have more than 25 pounds to get rid of and the conventional weight loss method has not worked. It is usually recommended that you carry out this type of diet plan under the guidance of a medical professional. Usually, to meet your needs, you need a body mass index of 30 - categorized as obese - or a BMI of 27 with health challenges. To determine if you are eligible, plan a session with a professional weight loss center. Don't try a liquid diet with the negative effects of your own and your lack of nutrition.

Liquid Diet Lines

Lack of solid food is a weakness, but when you make a commitment, a fluid diet may reduce the need for bariatric surgery, according to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Professional medical advice is advisable because these weight loss plans are very low in calories and simply because individuals who are in unhealthy weight often have medical problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes. In addition, a medical-guided fluid diet incorporates extensive nutrition-training exercises to train you on how to eat healthy and balance and change habits that lead to obesity.

A typical plan requires around 12 weeks of complete meal replacement before slowly making the transition to a routine maintenance diet plan. This plan may last for a while until you reach your final goal though. Losing weight usually ranges from two to seven pounds per week.

Complete Liquid Replacement

In the full program, you get all your foods from supplements developed specifically for weight loss such as food pictures and sometimes nutritional supplements, such as soups and puddings. Your calorie intake may vary from 600 to 1,000 daily depending on your starting weight and gender. These ingredients are developed to provide adequate nutrition even lower in calories, carbohydrates and fats. With some plans, no vitamins or extra nutrients are needed. However, on some plans, you will take dietary supplements daily.

Complete Liquid Replacement Limited

In a limited program, you convert all your food to supplements specifically designed for weight loss. Many of your foods come from liquids such as shakes and soups. However, you will have a choice of some solid foods such as bars, cereals and oats. Just like any liquid you eat, food items are available from weight loss centers. Therefore, they are lower in calories and carbohydrates. Many people need the feeling of eating. Having a few solid food options will help.

Custom Fluid Program

Custom programs are a good idea for those who feel they will not be able to participate in a full liquid program. On a special liquid diet plan, you exchange lots of food and dinner for a liquid supplement with one of the main dishes you cook. Weight loss dietary experts give you recommendations to adhere to when choosing your own prepared foods. In general, these foods should be lower in carbohydrates and fats and include a certain amount of calories.


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