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The Real Cause of IBS - How Your Brain Tricks You Into An Irritable Bowel Disorder

Have you ever been told that there is no known cause (or cure) for intestinal disorders? What a sad information! For no reason, how can you find a solution?

Well, this is good news.

Recent evidence from neurological medicine and recovery suggests that the cause of IBS is little known as the "magic" of your brain playing on your body.

Your brain is so strong!

In fact, it's so powerful that when you go through intense and challenging experiences, your brain takes action to protect you from the full effects. And this happens without your conscious knowledge. This is wild stuff, but nobody says humans are easy to understand ...

So how does your brain trick you into intestinal disorders?

There are two different answers to this question. One is a pain specialist and a specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine, Dr. John Sarno. The other came from a traumatologist and scientist, Dr. Robert Scaer. These two MDs have helped thousands of patients recover from chronic pain and other recurrent health problems during their decades as practicing doctors.

Dr. Sarno believes that we are all under some kind of pressure, whether from everyday life and work, unresolved childhood events, or the hope that we have ourselves to be good, good, and perfect people. (Recognize yourself again?)

Maybe you're good at coping with stress. But if you have a bowel obstruction, Dr. Sarno suggests that you open your mind to other possibilities.

He says that no matter how quiet and civilized you are, consciously beneath your slippery surface, other animals are having fun. At the unconscious level, pressure triggers feelings of anger. In fact, we ALL have this feeling. They are normal. Except we didn't know we had them because they weren't aware.

Now he is a stranger. Because anger is so unacceptable, so bad, and so threatening, this is what your brain does to make sure you don't realize that you're feeling ...

Your brain is real create physical problems to distract you!

How strange is that? But it does happen to millions of people. This is how your brain causes intestinal disorders, or fibromialgia, back pain, neck or shoulders, foot pain, TMJ, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, skin disorders, and blood or heart circulation problems. Your brain tries to protect you by distracting you from the unbearable (and unconscious) emotions with physical symptoms.

Even if your symptoms come from the tricks your brain plays on you, Sarno does NOT consider them delusional in any way. They are very real. In fact, because so many of us have chronic pain and symptoms, Dr. Sarno believes they are one normal reactions to stress and anger suppressed.

Because Robert Scaer was a neurologist, he saw things slightly differently from John Sarno. He says it is your brain's response to the trauma that triggers your symptoms when you have bowel disorders, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, or one of several other chronic conditions.

Dr. Scaer defines "trauma" because whatever happens to your brain is considered a threat to your survival when you are helpless to do anything about it. The trauma can be physical, like a car accident, or emotional, like bullying in school. There are many possibilities.

Usually, when you are threatened, you enter combat or flight mode. This is a normal survival response. There is a third reaction that occurs when you experience a combination of threat and helplessness. You "freeze."

Animals who cannot escape from predators will freeze their last attempt to survive. "If I look dead, maybe a big hungry lion won't eat me." Then, if the lion walks away, the prey rises and freezes.

We humans, on the other hand, train ourselves NOT to avoid it. Shaking and shaking looks silly and no one wants to be that stupid. So we suppress it. (There is another word. Bullying is a real killer.) This creates havoc for your Autonomic Nervous System, which controls many of your body processes including your digestion ....

Now, this is where the trick comes in. When you freeze, your brain remembers everything about the trauma, and I mean everything. The sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings - everything that goes on outside of YOU inside of you. So, then, when something small reminds your brain of the experience, it assumes you're in danger again and it triggers your Autonomous Nervous System to respond.

That's what causes your symptoms from bowel disorders. Your brain "tricks" your body into thinking that trauma is happening again. Therefore, your weak body responds either by shutting down your digestion (constipation) or losing control (diarrhea, urge), or wild swing between the two (cramps, cramps).

Sarno and Scaer are not the only doctors who recognize the brain by causing bowel disorders. Two neuro scientists, David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD, author of "Healing Instinct" and Robert Sapolsky, PhD, author of "Why The Penis Does Not Get Ulcers" both show that your brain responds to threats and emphasizes that it leads to gastrointestinal problems .

Therefore, according to these scientists, the true cause of intestinal disorders is not "all in your head," but comes from your unconscious mind and brain processes. Fortunately, you can use drug-free methods like Emotional Freedom Techniques or Somatic Experiences to do some "re-programming" and fix your symptoms.


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