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The Green Faces Diet Review - Help Me Lose Weight Quickly

Perhaps the best diet program we've reviewed so far, the Green Faces Diet is an easy-to-learn program and a great starting point for many beginners. Some of you serious nutritionists or lean people may not enjoy the program because its simplicity is what makes it so great.

The Facial Green Diet is bound by two simple rules:

Method # 1- Eat green things;

Rule # 2- Eat what you have, or have a face.

Sounds easy? That's a lot when you break all those rules. I'll take a second to break the rules a little more. Rule # 1 is pretty straight forward, if it's green, you can eat it. Broccoli, spinach, salads, green beans, green beans and cabbage are just edible vegetables. Method # 2 is pretty easy when you think of the two parts. "Having a Face" simply means you, or anyone else, killed it for you to eat it. "Having a face" simply means that it can grow into a face. So that does not mean that eggs, milk, cheese and other dairy products do not exist.

Sounds easy enough so far? Then this may be useful to you. Basically carving out what you can't eat, the Green Faces diet doesn't officially restrict what you eat. The portion size is not very important in this diet. Dieters can basically eat what they want when they are on this diet, as it adapts to changes in their diet. Instead of a firearm, the Green Faces diet aims to improve weight loss problems with changing menu menus. Of course when you dive into your diet, you quickly realize that there are exceptions to the rule. Fruits are of course allowed with moderation, fruit juices and other high sugar drinks are not recommended, but are allowed in half. The idea is to have a lower carbohydrate diet that allows diets to lose weight, and keep them off, until they are on a more rigorous program.

In conclusion, the Green Faces Diet is a great start-up program that, if followed correctly, can completely pave the way to success for a dieter. With this path created, all that dieter needs is motivation, less drive and a desire to lay the groundwork for a stronger program. Some of the problems with the program are that it does not address any physical aspects and does not take into account the individual diet, but the diet as a whole. If you are going to try this diet, please consult with your doctor before starting any diet, including Green Face Diet. This study, or any other review should consult your doctor.


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