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The Best Diet Plans of 2009 - Calorie Shifting Diet Plans

As you know, the weight loss industry is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Because obesity rates are higher than ever before, people around the world are on the mad dash to try and find the best and latest ways to avoid gaining more weight than they already have. Added to this is the constant pressure that celebrities are giving us - very thin Hollywood actors and actresses around the TV screen. Looking at these celebrities tends to make us feel inadequate or unfit for others. For this reason, the weight loss and nutrition industry rests on desperate individuals, selling new diets that often end up with false claims and false promises. Is there an appropriate answer to this problem? While it is true that different diet plans work for individuals in different ways, the calorie shift offers incredible results for everyone - with unmatched success rates. The diet plans were cheap, they were serious, and the east followed.

The whole purpose of switching to a calorie diet is to trick your body's metabolism. If you've ever tried a low-calorie diet plan, your body has finally switched to a mode that looks like it is starving. According to the body's basic biological function, there is no such thing as a diet - so your body imagines that it is starving. The body cannot tell you want to shed a few pounds. Basically, your body then takes the necessary precautions to prevent you from starving. Calories are then stored at a high rate in your body, as they stop all important body functions. This naturally causes you to regain your weight before, and it completely slows down your metabolism, effectively preventing you from losing weight. Calorie shifts are the solution to this problem, and this is how millions of people around the world try a calorie-diverting diet.

In your transitional calorie diet plan, you only eat a certain amount of calories daily. Sunday, for example, you can eat 1200 calories; Tuesday you can raise it to 1500; then on Saturday you go down to 1000. This will completely confuse your body. Although you cannot starve if you eat high calories one day and lower calories the other day. Your body will only adapt to these changes, boosting metabolism to help burn excess pounds. With this diet plan, you can easily follow a low calorie diet routine without obstructing any of your efforts to lose weight without damaging your metabolism.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of calorie shifts is that you do not feel as though you are lacking. Less than 50% of the time you will feel like you are on a diet plan. For example, if you hold candy one day, that doesn't mean you can't eat it the other day - you can have a bigger meal if you want. Because of these constant daily changes - or shifts - your body will not give you any appetite and you will not feel dissatisfied or lose what you want to eat. In this sense, cheating on your diet plan is part of the calorie shift. It can be difficult for you to resist desires and temptations after a while. Once you give in, you're bound to whatever you want, thereby ruining other diet plans. Calorie diverting foods do not allow this to happen because of the constant shifts that occur daily.


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