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Well, we know about the 48-hour miracle diet, the Atkins diet, the Hollywood diet, you name it and we've probably heard about them all! Or are we? It's crazy how all the amazing things are usually one of the best kept secret. It makes sense even to believe me. Let's say you find a thrift store with the best antiques and gifts, you won't tell everyone because you don't want everyone to know about it. Then they will start buying things that you have kept and that are not fair in our minds.

However, no one has found the stuff that works right off the bat, and I must be a test dummy for these companies. I tried everything and everything I found before I found some products that actually work. On the other hand, the following products that I will mention earlier will require a great deal of attention. They work, but how far and for how long? Follow those questions.

Let's see where we start, I guess the 48-hour miracle diet and the Hollywood diet. They are It's quite similar to the way they work, you drink a magic elixer for a few days or a week and your weight loss is guaranteed. There is nothing really magical about that elixer. It's like a big bowl of laxative turned into juice. I like to call this one the "Diarrhea Pringle Diet" because once you start having fun it will never stop. That you lose weight, you spend all your time in the toilet! The worst thing is that you can't eat at all, I become very tired of the fluid after that diet! I do not admit that I lost about 6 pounds that week, but I got back 9 next week to prove it was mostly water !!

Next is the good Atkins Diet, which must be the most difficult diet in the world. NO CARBS !! Are you kidding me? I can't believe I'm hungry all the time! I always have sweet teeth and I just want bread in my life. One thing I can admit about the Atkins diet is that it works, but it's only good for short-term diets. I recommend this diet to any bodybuilder or weight lifter who wants to lean before an event or holiday. The way atkins work is that it prevents you from eating carbohydrates and only allows you to eat protein. That makes sense because your body needs to work harder, so metabolism is faster, just to burn protein. However, carbohydrates are important Macronutrients in the body and we need them to function properly! Carbs are broken down into the body and stored as glycogen! Glycogen is a form of energy storage in animals and we need our energy. Therefore, without this storage of glycogen, our body goes into ketosis which helps us burn fat mainly from glycogen, but try to function without glycogen and you are sure how far you can go.

Now we can see why we can't blame ourselves for not sharing. It's okay. It's because we've failed so many times and we don't want others to do it right on their first try! Human nature and us as human beings are sometimes selfish. How many times have you heard this conversation? Person 1 says, "Hey those are good shoes! How much do you pay and where do you get them?" Person 2 then responds by saying "Oh, uuhhh I paid like 30 dollars but I don't remember where I got them." Now, how do you not remember where you made the purchase? Well the fact of the matter is that they remember and they don't tell you because their place is the best deal on shoes and they don't want to share it with you!

Now back to our diet, have we come to the realization that there are many products and programs that work when it comes to losing weight? Many products are nonsense, however, if you look around you will find some amazing programs that really make great results.


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