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Atkins Or Medifast? How to Pick the Perfect Diet to Lose Weight Now (It's Time!)

It's time. s. Your mind is made up. You're willing to make changes. You are ready to finally lose weight, feel great and get your life back on track this summer. But one thing that forced you back from the start? Choose the right path to get there. Fact: No one is holding back more people from achieving weight loss goals than "paralyzing analysis" that leads to anxiety, postponement and, ultimately, a lifetime of overwork and dissatisfaction.

Okay .... I've made up my mind. I'm trying to decide between Atkins and Medifast. What is the right choice for me?

Only you can make that decision! Remember, Medifast is a very different approach to weight loss than most other popular programs on the market today. Why not? Well, it's a meal replacement program for beginners. This means your food is "ready" already, in the form of packets or pre-packaged foods. Atkins, and a similar type of protein are slightly different, even if you buy packaged foods. Medifast too, especially liquid diet programs too.

Now, remember, you have over 60 different types of foods you can choose from Medifast, and if you're more interested in the "solid" option, you definitely have that option. Atkins, again, is in my experience more "philosophical", and less about a scientifically validated approach to weight loss that has proven to work for over 1 million people. (You can tell me a little bit about Medifast, right?)

What about a long-term perspective? Which is the better option for a lifestyle change?

I honestly believe that Atkins is a risk-averse approach to weight loss, and I do not believe that the program you intend to adhere to, in the long run. Why not? High fat diets are dangerous. The body needs carbohydrates, too ... and long-term deficiencies in carbohydrates are not always recommended. Medifast, on the other hand, has a whole sequence of "success" steps, and it includes all your "transition" phases once you've successfully lost weight and re-integrated it into your regular daily diet.

Bottom line?

Every body is different, and everyone has their own desires, needs and goals. I'm not a fan of Atkins, personally ... just because I see too many people having bad experiences in the program. I recommend Medifast - but you need to make your own mind, think about what you want to achieve and how comfortable you are there. Once you are committed to that goal, you are suddenly ok with me!


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