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Low Residue Diet

Low Residue Diet is one that focuses on the elimination of foods that remain in your intestinal tract, such as fiber. In fact, low fiber diets and low residual diets are often used interchangeably because they are the same. Although both diets are the same, low-fat diets are more restrictive than low-fiber diets.

The amount of unabsorbed goods and fiber that goes through your gut is limited to low diets. Therefore, the diet will reduce the amount of stool that you will have which will help to control diarrhea, stomach aches, or other flare ups of inflammatory bowel disease.

Low dietary nutrition is lacking in nutrients, so it's not a good idea to stay on your diet for too long. The amount of time you need for your diet should be determined by your doctor.

Benefits of a low-dose diet include reducing interference with your digestive system. Low residual diets are usually prescribed by your doctor after surgery (usually stomach) or if you have digestive problems such as IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) or diverticulitis.

If you are looking for the type of food to eat on your diet, you should see the Nutrients & Calories label on the back of the diet. You will want to find foods that do not have any dietary fiber. If you're a fan of bread or pasta products, you'll want to find the fine details (usually listed as the first ingredient on the label).

Other examples of low-fat diets are:

- Juices and fruits that contain no pulp or seeds.

- Most dairy products like yogurt, milk, and pudding (which should be limited to no more than two cups a day).

- lean meat (fish, chicken, turkey, eggs).

- Oil (not available in peanuts or olives) such as butter and margarine.

- Salad, syrup, and honey.

The foods to avoid are:

- Whole wheat (bread, crackers, pasta etc.)

- The fruits and vegetables are whole and not juicy.

- Treats that include pieces of fruit, vegetables, or nuts.

- Beans and peanuts (for example, peanut butter).

Low-dose diets do not provide the amount of nutrients needed to maintain a healthy diet. If you are going to use a low residue diet, be sure to continue for a short period of time. Symptoms are usually reduced in a day or two.

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