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How Will Calorie Shifting Help Me Lose Weight?

In this article we will look at how the shift in calories will help you lose weight. The truth is that in the ruthless world of weight loss programs, nutrition regimes and cultures that are really trapped in creating the perfect body, the calorie-shifting approach to weight loss has become an overnight phenomenon unlike any other. But the question that most offenders MUST ask is how it will work for them, before they try it. Keep reading as I shed some extra light on this very popular weight loss program. Keep reading .. :-)

Categorized: How to Unique Calorie Transitions?

The science behind this revolutionary approach to nutrition is actually quite simple. By simply mixing and matching the amount of calories your body needs in different parts of the day, your metabolic "engine" is constantly balanced and optimized for efficient fat burning. This avoids the common pitfalls that most diets (and diets) face in the short term, which is a plateau effect or metabolic adjustment, where the body only slows down to accommodate your new eating habits. Calorie transitions basically never allow your metabolism to slow down ... because it does NOT really know how to adapt to your diet!

What is the net effect? Very similar to the weight training routine that now uses this approach, it maintains optimum "ready" fat burning efficiency, as you avoid the predictability of obesity, which is the biggest cause for most diets, and nutrition! The key to any lasting weight loss program is the ability to get you "on the bump" and the results you're looking for. Most diets will give you a week, or two ... and then leave you back where you start once your body adapts to the program. The beauty of the calorie transition is that it's PICKS, where other foods fall!


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