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How Over Exercise and Under Eating Will Not Help Your Wedding Weight Loss

Eating less and exercising more will not work to lose weight for your wedding, as a result you will not have to do this to lose weight for your wedding day. The reason is that calories are not calories, they are not QUANTITY calories. It's a calorie deficit that will make a significant difference to your fat loss without leaving you crazy and hungry.

This is the system of most diet programs based on their strategy:

Inner Calories = Exit Calories = Weight Maintenance

However, this method will not work. Your body has evolved for thousands of years to protect itself. Whenever you limit the amount of calories you eat and drink, you generally stick to a low-fat diet plan, because fat has the largest amount of calories per gram compared to carbohydrates and protein.

Budget values ​​are:

1g of fat = 9 calories

1g of carbohydrates = 4 calories

1g protein = 4 calories

However, healthy fats are just about the most nutrient dense foods you can eat which means that you damage your body if you don't eat them.

By sitting down and eating less calories than you need your body to lose fat, it's far from easy. When there is a significant calorie deficit, or maybe a lack of nutrients that you produce by following a low calorie diet and / or more exercise, you are moving your body toward a hungry mode of trying to sustain itself because of this artificial hunger.

What happens next?

Your body realizes that it does not have enough energy and therefore wants to conserve and retain the energy it produces. It will be the fat in your body - your own stored energy source. Plus, your body has to stop using so much energy to reduce calories deficiency.

But how?

Without adequate food, functions such as cell repair and cell development are delayed, having these functions demands energy and your body is working to conserve its own energy storage. Failure to perform the essential functions of your body will reduce your metabolic rate, reducing the amount of calories burned during the day. In addition, muscle tissue consumes more calories than fat, so by breaking down your body's muscle tissue will lower your metabolic rate to help reduce the calories you consume and reduce your calorie deficit.


Losing weight for your marriage is at the expense of muscle contraction as well as important health functions in the body, this is not just healthy weight.

Sure, weight loss can have heavy muscle tissue, but it is also the basis for your metabolism. With lower metabolic rate, your energy burning is reduced, but just in theory, you will maintain weight if:

Calories In = Calories Out

As a result of losing weight, with your "calories out" now lowered, you need to consume less calories again. The hunger sequence will continue so that you cannot continue eating less. This method does not work or makes sense.

Your wedding weight loss program will help you build lean muscle. Muscle tissue gives tone to your body, improves your appearance and helps you look leaner. Additional muscle tissue will also increase your metabolism. This results in better fat burning in addition to proper exercise and diet plans.

Therefore, try not to starve yourself for your wedding day with less food and exercise, you will not get the results you want to achieve in a healthy and sustainable way.


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