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Cut the Sodium Out Of Your Diet For Good!

Sodium is a secret ingredient in foods that contributes to weight gain and high blood pressure. Reducing your salt intake can lower blood pressure but only slightly. It is not enough to expect significant health benefits to help with weight loss and a healthy diet.

Watch out for Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choices of frozen gourmet dinnerware. Although they may be very low in fat and calories, they are very high in sodium that packs heavy water. The best food to cook at home is from the beginning. Try a new recipe, add flavor to herbs and fresh spices, lime or non-salt vinegar. You will find that your desire for salt disappears after three months of cutting back.

Start jumping out on bacon, ham and heat. Try meat such as fresh chicken and chicken. If your blood pressure is low, you will want to lean more on meat that has less sodium and fat. You can also include canned foods such as tuna and peanuts. Be sure to read the labels and watch for slippery sodium aliases such as monosodium glutamate (MSG) and sodium benzoate.

And believe it or not the sauce or washing with the word "lite" in front of it brings more sodium than it doesn't. Instead you want to choose is labeled low in fat. Remember "lite" doesn't necessarily mean healthy. These are just a few simple ways to reduce sodium from your diet. Before you know it the pound will drop and your blood pressure and cholesterol levels will drop dramatically. No numbers are set for this type of thing but each one helps a little.


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