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Best Kept Diet Secret - The Truth About Supplements

Six years ago I married my dear wife and friend. As a gift he offered me gym memberships and training sessions with a personal trainer that cost me $ 900. This was because he knew I had been trying for many years to build a body that I could be proud of. My wife is very pretty and I look up to her. I couldn't tell you how many times I would go out with him, and both men and women would check on him and wonder what he was doing with me. It makes me feel a little small. I decided for my own confidence that I would try and get better, so I could feel more comfortable with him.

So I did what most people do, gained gym membership, with a coach package, bought all the shakes, bars, and supplements my trainer suggested and followed the six-month diet and exercise advice. I worked very hard, and followed my program as described. By the end of the six months, I had lost 21 pounds, but I was far from happy. I would still look in the mirror and see the same body that I had six months earlier. It's just smaller. I'm still weak, and still not cut, and my whole body looks weird.

Frustrated by all that, I took my misery to the internet, trying to find more help on how to build a good physical environment. Of course, I came across this program written by Tom Venuto. An article that caught my attention said something like 'don't waste anymore practice until you've read this'. I'm actually going to the gym and just surfing the internet for new ideas on exercise routines, when I see this link on a diet website. I started reading captions from her program that answered the questions I had been asking for months. And this is the reality that really made me work. ' . . that 98% of all supplements are waste of money. '

Personally, over the years before reading this program, I have spent thousands of dollars on supplements, powders, pills, and other hopeless repairs, just the same year on year. I think it was my own fault, actually believing that I could get something better as a slim body by just taking pills, but the advertisements in the magazine always convinced me. I ended up reading the entire introductory page to the program it offered, and then I bought it, downloaded it, and went to the gym.

Well, you think my success started then and there. I wish I could say it. No. I continued with my old routine, and the old diet program for a few more months, before I saw the link again on another webpage, and remembered that I had purchased it. That's enough, it's still sitting there on my computer, collecting web dust.

Finally I opened the program and started reading it. I was really surprised by the information in her e-book. It is a long read for a slow reader like me, but I can continue it in a few days. At the end of the book, I was very angry. I was really surprised to find out about the lie that the supplement industry told you, the magazine told you, and all the fitness experts said to tell you. I was so mad that I wanted to go back to the gym and ask for a refund for all the training sessions, all the protein bars, and the powders, pills and other crap they were shoveling under my body. I wish I had found this program from the beginning. I'd rather give Tom my $ 900 just because I have the stone to tell me the truth about how to get the body I want. I think my sweet wife wasted the cash she got from programs and supplements she thought would help me, and it made me crazy.

I started implementing nutrition strategies and protocols immediately, and the results were slow but sure. Day after day, week after week I could see the changes that were taking place. At first it started out fast, so as I got closer to my ideal weight it became more difficult. But at his advice, I would eat a little tighter, be more honest with myself, and exercise a little harder.

Within six months of training with the program I lost 57 pounds. I was able to achieve the best level of body fat less than 7% for six months of fat loss cycle. I look at the best I've ever seen in my life, and I'm 35 years old. The great thing about the program is that it teaches you how to change your lifestyle, not just tell you what to eat. He revealed the scandals behind the protein industry, and what foods are actually for your body that are not edible. This is a program I have been following for the past six years, and has maintained my weight easily.

His e-book is the most comprehensive work I've read on the strategy of losing fat. He reveals the secrets of the world's sexiest people, what he calls the world's most liberal, bodybuilders, and elite fitness models, all to a certain extent, according to his basic dietary laws.

This is a very good system in my opinion as it helps me, an ordinary man, get my dream body in less than a year, with hard work and accurate information. I'm not a champion bodybuilder, or an elite fitness model, I just want to feel confident when I get out with my beautiful wife in my arms, and now I do.


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