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Why You Binge Eat When You're Feeling Down

Do you find that when you feel low, you reach comfort food - something fatty or sweet like sticky bread, chocolate, dessert? And, what's worse, you find yourself eating too much, sometimes even binging? Researchers have found that people's feelings really affect whether they choose unhealthy comfort foods or healthier choices.

You can use this information to help manage what you eat, and be more successful in maintaining a healthy weight.

When you eat oily or fatty foods, there are biochemical effects on your brain, producing more happy neurotransmitters. Researchers have found that people will actually eat to influence their mood: If you feel dissatisfied, a good meal will actually help you feel better; If you are happy, you may want to look for healthier food options to keep you feeling good about yourself.

To make things more complicated, it's easier to eat too much comfort food when you're feeling down. Excessive mistakes can make you feel worse!

But there are ways to help manage your food intake when you feel like:

  1. First, measure your part so you know how much you eat. Choose smaller portions of what you think you need to eat to feel better. Then walk out of the kitchen to enjoy it while really focusing on the food and how it tastes. (i.e eating no comfort food while watching TV, or standing in the kitchen at the refrigerator door - eating unconsciously).

  2. Next, know what's in the food. Realizing the calorie, fat and sugar content of your comfort foods actually reduces how much you eat. Read nutrition labels. Keeping the food diary you eat and your mood can be an effective tool.

  3. In the end, be aware of your tendencies to eat more when you are in a sad state. Just knowing how you feel can help you make different choices about how you will deal with it.

So, feel? Want comfort food? Measure your portion of what you want, read the labels, focus on the good foods as you eat them. Then once you finish the section, change your activity: Walking is one of the best, as physical activity will also help improve your mood.


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