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Vitamin E - FYI


Antioxidants that protect Vitamin E cell membranes also help promote healthy circulation, promote red blood cells and are believed to act as protectors against environmental pollution. Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin which means the body can store it.

Also known as Tocopherol

Need to function normally

Good sources of vitamin E are vegetable oils, grains, peanut butter, peanuts, avocado, mayonnaise, margarine and sweet potato.

Vitamin E helps promote normal neurological function in humans. It is also a powerful antioxidant, and protects the body against the types of cell damage that cause cancer and heart disease. Vitamin E helps reverse the aging process by preventing harmful oxidants in the body that promote the signs of aging. Vitamin E can also help arthritis patients as it can relieve pain and stiffness in joints as it is oily. Taking vitamin E supplements if you have arthritis can reduce pain and increase movement. Vitamin E is also known to prevent blood clots that can help prevent heart attacks and stroke. It can enhance the body's immunity and ability to fight infection. It can also prevent severe foot cramps (known as Charlie's horse) due to poor blood circulation. Studies have also been conducted that have shown that working people benefit more when taking vitamin E supplements. Vitamin E reduces the damage and inflammation of the cells causing the muscles to ache and allows people to work hard without suffering pain.

Vitamin E deficiency is rare (as it is stored in the body) but your symptoms may include:

Neurological dysfunction

It may be present in some newborns who are underweight


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