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To Heal Varicose Veins You First Need to Know Why You Have Them

When anyone touches on the text of the article, the headline says something far-fetched to cure varicose veins, curiosity kicks in for a moment to most people. It's not that hard to imagine why. They are not good, they are very painful, and most importantly, they are very harmful to your health because, if left untreated, they can lead to serious cardiovascular disease.

You might think that I mistakenly put all three reasons into reverse order, but you're wrong. Although, your health is the most important thing in your life, "looks" here are mentioned first, because most people with varicose veins are women, and most of the procedures performed are for that reason alone.

Some of the procedures offered today by western medicine. Basically they're all about the same thing, stripping veins or collapsing veins. This is to say that, injecting veins with drugs so that they are destroyed, they collapse and stop functioning. It's as if they're gone. The same effect is produced when varicose veins are exposed to laser light. Surgical procedures, called veins are another option. At the same time, the entire branch of the pharmaceutical industry is built around this disease alone. And this brings great benefits, based on the simple premise that, it is human nature to believe that there is always a quick fix, magic bullet, to what was once the disease.

Are you one of those who believe that there are medical procedures that can remove your varices? If you are, please read on as I will only save you money. If you haven't made a decision, and still have no opinion, you should easily cut off the truth when you are done reading this.

All of our cells are submerged in our lymphatic fluid. When, due to the poor diet choices we make, our lymphatic fluid becomes too acidic, and acidic tissue cannot withstand oxygen, the tissue slowly begins to decompose. It started coloring. No human cell can live without oxygen.

Our blood vessels, which do the right work on gravity and rely on the muscles to move the blood in them, are like elastic bands. They grow, and they contract and blood moves up.

Our veins are like other cells in our body, floating in our lymphatic fluid. When these lymphatic fluids become too acidic, they start burning down our veins. The veins when they loose loose their elasticity and they begin to harden. The same thing would happen if you dropped battery acid (sulfuric acid) on your exposed skin. The way your skin looks like it burns, is the way your veins look. When our veins become hard and hard, they cannot respond to increased blood pressure, and they break. The garden hose is full of water that sits in the hot sun all through the evening getting 4X4 running, describing it as almost a letter.

Now you know what causes the right condition called varises. Bad, more acidic diet. So to treat varicose veins we must change our diet. We must choose to eat a diet that is more alkaline, so that these acids feed us from the inside out, getting buffered. Alkaline diets will provide the necessary alkaline minerals that will repair the damage done by more acidity, and healing will begin. Until the last bidder.

It is quite clear now why this condition cannot be improved by drugs or surgery. They do not solve the problem but rather deal with the consequences. Because the same amount of blood is still circulating in our bodies, other healthier veins that take over the collapsed veins are now under greater pressure and pressure. The simple question of time is their turn, and when we need another surgery.

Good for business, but not good for you.

Always keep in mind that our body has the incredible ability to recover, to heal, but simply to provide opportunity and time.


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