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The Top Five Things You Shouldn't Do When You're Trying To Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight in a healthy and long-term decision, where you lose weight for good, there are some things you must do or not do to achieve it. Here are some things NOT to do when you are trying to lose weight.

1. Make yourself hungry

If you do it long enough, losing weight by not eating or eating less is counterproductive. For one, the body will face crisis mode and will conserve its energy by slowing down your metabolism. When you re-eat your body regularly, as it is in crisis mode, it reduces the amount of calories you burn and stays the rest as fat. Apart from slowing down your metabolism, however, not eating properly is detrimental to your health as it damages your body the nutrients it needs to function properly.

2. Snacks on processed foods

Processed foods contain sodium content that keeps your body hydrated instead of removing unnecessary fluids. You will be surprised but when you lose weight, you can actually lose up to two pounds. So stop eating cookies, chips, spam, and other processed foods. If you feel the urge to serve a snack, be satisfied with the fruit.

3. Let your mind go wild

Your mind can be your own worst enemy when it comes to losing weight. Weight loss takes time and if you don't calm your mind so you can control your eating habits and patiently wait for the results, nothing will happen, or you will cycle through the same cycle of weight loss and recover. So relax and meditate and, more importantly, visualize your ideal end result. There are many meditation programs out there such as the Silva Method. Try one of them and don't stop until you see the results.

4. Consistently weigh yourself

The problem with our culture today is that people want instant results, but this is not possible when losing weight. Your body needs time to process your actions to delete the appropriate results. If you are trying to lose weight naturally using a diet plan, you have to wait eight weeks before standing on the weight scale.

5. Don't look for support groups

Did you know that goals are easier to achieve when you have a support group? Think of Alcoholics Anonymous and other anonymous groups. Weight loss is a condition experienced by millions of people, but people who try to lose weight usually do it themselves and in the process. Make your efforts fun, and let others learn from you, by seeking support. Find support groups online and donate frequently.

Like anything else, losing weight is a necessary goal. Naturally, no animal is overweight. That said, your body's natural state is perfect. Keep in mind that if you have serious doubts, you can lose weight. Yes, you can do things a certain way to change things.


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