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The Benefits Of Focus Pad Training

In my years as a teacher of self-defense, I was there

try and test many training methods to find out

the fastest, most efficient way to produce

best decision in the shortest possible time.

I do not run a long-term self defense club

class. My "specialty" is a short term course and

seminar. I need to share my knowledge and teach physical

skills in the shortest possible time. And that

Exercises need to be "sticky."

I don't "train" people. I teach them how to train

own self. I encourage my customers to take full advantage

responsibility for their own learning process and

the decisions they make. There are so many good ones

sources out there, but that's why they ...

Information does not run until you apply it to achieve it

something. It's up to you, learn and apply it.

One of the most powerful ways I have found teaching

correct punches and sharpest skill in the fastest,

the most effective way is FOCUS PAD training.


Focus pads (also called mitts focus, construction pads,

punch boxers and target pads) flat, hands

a 12-inch pad.

They are made of thick foam covered with leather or

vinyl. They have been used in boxing, kickboxing and

martial arts training for all ages.


The pad is held by a coach or training partner

across different ranges, positions and levels. The

fenders and pad holders work together to build

attacking and defending skills, sharpening reflexes

and body condition.


The focus pad is inexpensive, portable and easy to find.

They are a very good training investment that allows

you carry out various exercises for

development of several combative qualities.

If you have not yet decided on whether or not to focus

Pad exercises are right for you, here are some



The focus of pad training is explosive. Partner training with

The focus pad lets you do all kinds of things

training and "fighting games."

Because there are so many ways to use the focus pad, that is

easy to keep your training fun and exciting. Dan

Most importantly ... if you like doing something, you will

do it more often.


You can take a pair of focus pads on a good one

sporting goods or martial arts supply store. It's perfect

The couple will set you back about 50 to 70 dollars.

You also need a good pair of gloves or boxing

gloves to protect your fingerbook. They will be charged

about the same. $ 100 dollars for full training

the system seems like a good enough investment for me!


Unlike equipment like heavy bags, the focus pad is

small, light and very portable. You can throw it away

put them in a sports bag or lace and bring them pretty

far from anywhere.

Because they don't need to be installed or installed,

they are very good where the room is limited or that

it's not practical to install more complicated equipment.


If I had to teach you how to hit it right, inside

in the shortest time possible, I'll use the focus pad. If you

already know how to punch but you want to improve

and fine-tuning your hitting skills, I recommend again

focus pad work.

Because the pad is small, it grows


Because they can be moved quickly into different ones

position and at different angles, they are one

the best method available for indoor shot


Because they can be moved dynamically as well

pulled out, they can be used to develop

quick thinking and "no telegraph" delivery.


All the exercises impact the body. If you hit

too hard or too often you'll get hurt.

The problem is that the punch force increases faster

from the body can adapt and be quite resilient

to withstand impact energy.

There was a required period of "customization"

for tendons and ligaments to become stronger and stronger


It takes 6 to 10 weeks of moderate training

above all, a full power effort can be achieved

done safely. This is where the focus pad comes in.

To begin with, there are lower barriers to hitting

Focus pad from a heavy bag of 60 to 100 lb. That justifies

for you to work on your punch power with less pressure

on your joints and connective tissue. This allows you

to work in a higher way to demand a heavy bag

Exercise that is undeniably stronger on the body.

If you've done heavy bag work, you can do it

Focus your work day in the middle of your heavy bag

session. That will give you some "active recovery"

and the ability to keep working on you

hit the skills while giving your body time to


IN FOCUS Increasing Your Skills and Matching Games

If you've ever seen a good fighter, you will

note that he is beginning to react to being punched in

BEFORE the cause was thrown.

It was almost as if he was reading their opponents' minds

and anticipate what will happen in the future


What really happened was to punch

(or kicked) over and over, the brain started

to interpret the meaning of a particular, heavy job

distribution and body signals.

When holding the pad and watching various shots

journey towards you, you begin to set up

"pattern recognition" that will enhance your capabilities

to anticipate and defend against attack.


Many people are shocked at the idea of ​​being beaten

in the fight. Just like many are uncomfortable with

the idea of ​​punching another human being. (I'm not sure

It's because I like it a lot! ;-)

In fact, because it is an "unknown" person far away

care more about being better than they should be.

Speaking from the perspective of someone who has

punch, hit and kick thousands and thousands

time; not so bad! You don't want to be scared

with the idea of ​​being beaten or inundated if it happened.

I refer to your comfort level with the idea of ​​hitting

and was hit as "Hit Psychology." Weak people

psychological beatings are more likely to panic or "freeze"

in attack. They can be touched

by unnecessary and unnecessary fears

meet and do bad.

We have a term for it in the field of self-defense ... Its

It's called, "It's OK!"

Pressure inoculation is a de-sensitizing process

someone to fear the battle by exposing them to

controlled amounts of low stress,

threatening environment.

In the short term, students find that

the situation that used to scare him is even further

manageable and fun too!


Did you know that conditioning is a "specific exercise?"

If you are a runner, your body will fit and

operating but not nearly the same

swimming or biking.

If you work on an elliptical machine, your body

become more efficient when working in the ellipse

machine. Your body is adjusting to its specifications

activities you participate in. So what are you


I'll tell you ... the best way to disappoint you

The body for war is to imitate movement and

acts like war. It's that easy


I've trained people to consider

very sporty but the tires are very fast when

introduced to combative training exercises.

The good news is that there are different types

drilling exercises you can do with the focus pad

that will tone your muscles, build your stamina and

endurance and improve your defense performance.

SO ... what I'm saying is this. Not just aggressive

exercises like excellent pad work, whole body

form of exercise. Safety provides fitness

quality related to self defense and



Many people practice continuous martial arts and

self-defense training to get in shape ... and more

specifically to lose weight (excess body fat) and

regain fat and body fat. Focus pad

Exercise is great for losing fat. This is why ...

Not so long ago, trust was the best way

to lose body fat is through LSD (long slow distance)

aerobic exercise. In other words, low intensity

training that lasted for at least 20 years

30 minutes. This theory is during your training

the body uses fat as a source of fuel at lower intensity and

it burns glucose instead of fat at a higher intensity


That may be true, but the assumption is fat

Loss is based on the amount of calories burned

during your training. That's not the case. Amount

calories burned during your training session

is minimum.

What matters is the extra calories you burn

FOR your training.

Fat burning is done more effectively by

time interval training. Interval training involves duration

from moderate intensity to high intensity cross-section

with a low intensity period to catch your breath and

recover your energy in between.

This type of exercise will improve your metabolism

for hours after your workout and you will burn more

total calories and body fat.

The focus pad is great for interval training.


There is little change in evolution

the human body for millions of years. One thing is there

unchanged is our mechanism of life. That body

exposed to "fight or flight" from a

threatening situation.

What has changed however is the fact that it is modern

in everyday life, most of the "threats" we take for granted

in fact, it is a physical threat and should not be kicked

back or run. So what happened was us

activate this "fight or flight response" but do it


Some chemical and physical changes occur that,

if left untreated and unhealthy. That's it

That's why training is so healthy and so good

to manage stress.

I recommend that cardiovascular exercise be satisfactory

body requirements for flights. I believe in that effect

exercises like hitting a pair of focus pads or a

Weight bags meet the body's evolutionary needs

to fight.


Mental resilience is the ability to be effective,

healthy and happy regardless of challenges and

stress in your life. It involves building you

the ability to cope with stress over and over again

yourself to the pressure and then recover from it.

The more you do this the harder you get

physical, mental and emotional levels. Focus pad

Exercise can be used to improve your mental endurance

in two ways.

Physiologically, the interval training I have

has been mentioned to build mental toughness. Do it

"circular exercises." (interrupted training interval

with a short recovery period) teaching your body

spend energy and then recover. These expenses, recovered,

spending, restoring the process makes it harder and harder for you

emotionally resilient.

Another opportunity that focuses on providing is

the ability to design "never give up training." I have

refer to this in my Power Punching Guide as

"blitz" training.

Blitz training is an early training method

involves "all" for a specified period

time. You push yourself through the pain of lactic acid in your muscles and the discomfort that is blown and rejected, push yourself

you reach the end of the drill.

This is not just a great generator for you

body but it is also an excellent mental exercise

teaches you about the most important traits you have

can have to defend themselves: "NEVER EVER PROVIDE."


Bottom line ... if you want to grow and improve you

fast punching skills, body condition with

training and struggle related to struggle and challenge

versatile training sessions can then be taken seriously

take a look at the focus pad exercises.

Randy LaHaie


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