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The 3 Best Indirect Ab Exercises

Whenever you want to do abdominal exercises, you should try to work on your abdomen as much as possible. This is where you want to increase metabolism that promotes high intensity exercise that works the whole body.

Sit-ups have proven to be bad for your back and have absolutely no benefit in losing belly fat. Exercises like boards and right boards are great for your core but unfortunately this is not sexy enough for most people.

The importance of diet is also undeniable as most of you eat clean foods like protein, fruits and vegetables while cutting out all processed junk.

Although diet is the number 1 factor in losing belly fat you also want to do the right exercise.

The following are examples of difficult ab exercises that do not involve direct and explicit abdominal exercises. Do the following exercises, with one training after another, with each exercise being performed for 3-4 sets of 8 reps.

* Rocket Dumbbell Rows - Start in a push position with your hands on the dumbbells. Slowly bring your right elbow back, keeping it tight to the body and slowly lowering it. Then do the same with the left elbow. Because your balance on one core arm is engaging and tightening

* Front squats with Barbell - Hold the barbell over the shoulder with the upper arm parallel to the floor. This is a difficult exercise so it may be possible to get your trainer to help you with it and be sure to start the light and progress to heavier weights. Squat down in the right shape and then back up. Again as balancing the bar and moving up and down the core you have to work hard to keep your balance.

* Mountain Climber - Get down to the press. Bring your right knee into the chest and then bring your right foot back. Then left foot. When you're used to it, try to go as fast as you can while maintaining good shape. This exercise can be done over time instead of representative, say 30 seconds.

Another way to advance the benefits of this exercise is to pull your belly button and horizontal abs contracts, especially rows and mountain climbers.

So make sure you try this and see how well you do.


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