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Stomach Fat Loss - Tips

Nothing looks better than a good flat stomach or some flowing abdominal muscles. Unfortunately, too many people out there are burdened by excess belly fat. This leads to feelings of discomfort due to inappropriate, unsafe clothing, and can lead to poor health and increased risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart attacks! Some people will tell you that doing sit-ups and crunches is the key to losing fat. This is wrong. This is the so-called "point reduction" theory that says you can burn fat in certain areas of the body by working the muscles below the fat. Unfortunately, losing fat is a whole body process. Sit-ups and crunches cannot be reduced. Sit-ups only work the muscles under the belly fat, but they don't really "burn" the fat in your stomach. Abdominal exercises, if done properly, can flatten and release definition in your stomach. However, you MUST lose extra belly fat through the conventional method first!

One thing most people will not tell you is that they are flat stomachs that are mostly nutritional. What and how you eat has a significant effect on your appearance, especially the amount of fat in your stomach. To achieve abdominal fat loss, you need to do a few things:

  • You need to avoid sugar at all costs. There is no sugar in your coffee. No sweet drinks, no alcohol, and be sure to check out the packaged foods you buy! The use of sugar puts your body in a fat storage mode.

  • You need to watch your part. Don't eat until you're stuffed and feeling bloated. Eat until you are comfortable and never hungry again.

  • You should eat at least 3 times a day. Don't eat a big meal during the day - this puts your body into fat storage mode.

  • You can't eat before you sleep - this puts your body into fat storage mode.

  • You must be physically active at least a few hours a week. The more physically active you are, the sooner you will lose weight.

Once this requirement has been met for some time, you will notice your body fat is falling. Only once your body fat has fallen And most of the extra belly fat you've lost will be practiced like sit-ups and crunches making any changes in your stomach. When doing abdominal exercises, remember to use the correct form and only use abdominal muscles during contraction. One common failure is the tendency to chase, roll, use their hands / back / feet to assist them during abdominal exercises. Poor technique during abdominal exercises should be avoided, not only do you fail to produce enough exercise, but you risk causing back pain.

Remember, fat loss occurs through proper eating habits and lifestyle. There is no magic bullet, but with the focus and determination to change your appearance, you can achieve the desired fat loss.


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