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Losing Weight With PCOS Made Possible

Losing weight with PCOS can be a difficult path, but it is a possibility. Obesity and PCOS are linked to many ways that can lead to more serious complications, but can be treated as long as you follow a diet and burn excess fat from your body.

PCOS specialists do not like to use it for you. Because research on this disorder is still limited, there are still some procedures to combat it. Because it is a complex type of disorder, its causes may change and sometimes become apparent due to a lack of documented data. But there is evidence that PCOS is a genetic or genetic disease that parents can transmit to their children. Girls show PCOS symptoms mostly at the beginning of puberty while boys with these disorders show excessive hair or early manifestations of baldness.

Insulin and How It Can Affect Your Weight

Insulin helps in controlling your sugar levels. Glucagon keeps it high while insulin keeps them low. Too low insulin levels can cause you to lose weight due to the fact that you have too little insulin to lower your blood sugar levels. Having too much insulin can cause more blood clots than normal which can even lead to miscarriage in PCOS patients.

Eat properly

Polycystic ovarian syndrome damages your endocrine system, thus giving you high insulin levels or preventing insulin resistance or excessive blood clotting. Insulin, as you would expect, is an essential element that helps lower blood sugar which can cause you to lose fat. Under natural treatments, you can control how insulin reacts to foods with the right diet.

For people diagnosed with PCOS, too much carbohydrate is a no-no. Healthy alternatives include limiting consumption of whole grain products or whole carb products. The lack of such a diet, the less your body stores carbohydrates as fat in your system and the less fat in your system, the more insulin you will control.


This, in combination with eating the right foods is a great step towards losing weight for women diagnosed with PCOS. Jogging or exercising for at least every 30 minutes may not give you a drastic change at first, but it does help keep your insulin levels at an acceptable level while clearing your cholesterol.

At closing, losing weight with PCOS requires you to have a lifestyle change. Because drugs that are used primarily in supplements or diabetics still do not have the data, they can be a powerful cure for PCOS or prove it.


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